Upcoming features from the December 12 patch
Tuesday 12th of December 2017
Wintersday is here! Lots of items.

Gemstore Images


[&C0oAAAA=]Winter Monarch Outfit
1862780_0564Celebrate the season with the Winter Monarch Outfit!
[&AgG7UgEAAA==]Glacial Glider
Mount skins
[&AgGiUgEAAA==]Umbral Demon Skimmer
1915872_0004Cozy Wintersday Mounts Pack
1915872_0058This package contains the Cozy Wintersday Raptor, Cozy Wintersday Springer, Cozy Wintersday Skimmer, Cozy Wintersday Jackal, and Cozy Wintersday Griffon, ready to celebrate the season in style!
[&AgEUTgEAAA==]Cozy Wintersday Raptor
[&AgElTgEAAA==]Cozy Wintersday Griffon
[&AgE8TgEAAA==]Cozy Wintersday Skimmer
[&AgE/TgEAAA==]Cozy Wintersday Springer
[&AgFgTgEAAA==]Cozy Wintersday Jackal
Rime-Rimmed (wardrobe skins)
[&CvIeAAA=]Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather (Light)
[&Cv4eAAA=]Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather (Medium)
[&Cu8eAAA=]Rime-Rimmed Mariner's Rebreather (Heavy)
Mini Pets
1915872_0916Many Merry Minis
[&AgHrUQEAAA==]Mini Frozen Tik'Teek
1915872_0248Mini Frozen Tik'Teek now available!
[&AgEzUgEA]Mini Gift Box Gourdon
[&AgHNUgEA]Mini Tiny Angry Snowball
[&AgEAUgEA]Mini Angry Snowball
[&AgHeUQEA]Mini Large Angry Snowball
[&AgF0UQEA]Mini Toxx
[&AgGmUQEA]Mini Tixx
1915874_0286Mini Cozy Wintersday Mounts Pack
[&AgFRUgEA]Mini Cozy Wintersday Skimmer
[&AgHJUgEA]Mini Cozy Wintersday Raptor
[&AgGkUgEA]Mini Cozy Wintersday Jackal
[&AgF0UgEA]Mini Cozy Wintersday Springer
[&AgE1UgEA]Mini Cozy Wintersday Griffon
Legendary Weapons Sigil Swap Endless Upgrade Extractor
[&AgHhUQEA]Endless Upgrade Extractor Contract
[&AgEVUgEA]Endless Upgrade Extractor
Armor Skins
[&CjEfAAA=]Svanir Gauntlets (Light)
[&CicfAAA=]Svanir Gauntlets (Medium)
[&CgUfAAA=]Svanir Gauntlets (Heavy)
[&CjcfAAA=]Eggnog Helmet (Light)
[&Ch4fAAA=]Eggnog Helmet (Medium)
[&CiIfAAA=]Eggnog Helmet (Heavy)
[&CjofAAA=]Freezie Crown (Light)
[&CisfAAA=]Freezie Crown (Medium)
[&ChgfAAA=]Freezie Crown (Heavy)
1877043_0226Freezie Crown now available!
Towncloth Outfits
[&C0kAAAA=]Dragon Emblem Clothing Outfit
1877046_0158Casual Clothing Outfit
1877045_0743Casual Hoodie Clothing Outfit
1877046_0160Cherry Blossom Clothing Outfit
1877043_0913Common Clothing Outfit
1877044_0258Country Lace Clothing Outfit
1877044_0530Designer Hoodie Clothing Outfit
1877046_0122Khaki Clothing Outfit
1877044_0574Layered Vest Clothing Outfit
1877043_0970Leather Hoodie Clothing Outfit
1877044_0978Ornate Clothing Outfit
1877045_0301Riding Clothes Outfit
1877045_0879Silk Brocade Outfit
1877045_0533Striped Silk Clothing Outfit
[&AgEgUgEA]Champion's Winter Crown
Snow Diamond
1896625_0850Enchanted Snow Diamond Box
[&AgHNUQEA]Enchanted Snow Diamond Tonic
1915872_0645Double-click to encase yourself in a massive snow diamond.
[&AgGBUQEA]Snow Diamond Infusion
1896625_0603Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. Turns your flesh into snow diamond.
Glacial Weapons
1915873_0266Glacial Axe
1915872_0094Glacial Dagger
1915872_0201Glacial Focus
1915874_0375Glacial Greatsword
1896625_0995Glacial Hammer
1915872_0352Glacial Longbow
1915874_0279Glacial Mace
1915874_0596Glacial Pistol
1915874_0551Glacial Rifle
1915872_0420Glacial Scepter
1915872_0018Glacial Shield
1915873_0444Glacial Short Bow
1915873_0820Glacial Staff
1915872_0848Glacial Sword
1915874_0149Glacial Warhorn
1915872_0800Glacial Wintersday Chest
Obsidian Weapons
[&CuweAAA=]Obsidian Longow
[&CvQeAAA=]Obsidian Longow
[&CvoeAAA=]Obsidian Longow
[&CvweAAA=]Obsidian Longow
[&Cg4fAAA=]Obsidian Longow
[&Cg8fAAA=]Obsidian Sword
[&ChQfAAA=]Obsidian Sword
[&ChofAAA=]Obsidian Sword
1915872_0329Mistforged Obsidian Dagger
1915873_0917Mistforged Obsidian Shield
1896625_0056Mistforged Obsidian Staff
1915872_0257Mistforged Obsidian Torch
1915872_0210Obsidian Dagger
1915872_0935Obsidian Shield
1877046_0965Obsidian Staff
1915873_0306Obsidian Torch
1915872_0031Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Dagger
1896625_0867Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Shield
1896625_0051Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Staff
1915873_0870Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Torch
1915873_0485Slumbering Obsidian Dagger
1915872_0844Slumbering Obsidian Shield
1896625_0216Slumbering Obsidian Staff
1915873_0557Slumbering Obsidian Torch
Wrapped Weapons
1896624_0937Wrapped Axe
1896624_0397Wrapped Dagger
1896624_0005Wrapped Focus
1896624_0547Wrapped Hammer
1896625_0422Wrapped Longbow
1896624_0580Wrapped Mace
1896624_0763Wrapped Pistol
1896624_0556Wrapped Rifle
1896624_0489Wrapped Short Bow
1896625_0162Wrapped Torch
1896624_0511Wrapped Warhorn
1915873_0286Enchanted Colorful Snowball
1915872_0340Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Yellow)
1915872_0968Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Orange)
1915873_0226Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Brown)
1915873_0644Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Black)
1915873_0788Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Red)
1915873_0987Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Green)
1915874_0610Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Purple)
1896625_0748Enchanted Colorful Snowball (Blue)
[&AgHUUQEA]Large Wintersday Gift
[&AgHmUQEA]Mist Capacitor
[&AgGTUQEA]Unknown Ring
[&AgGgUQEA]Unknown Ring
[&AgF2UQEA]Unknown Accessory
1825766_0627Tixx's Giver's Inscription
[&AgF4UQEA]Tixx's Giver's Insignia
1825766_0660Crafted in the style of the festive asuran inventor, Tixx.
[&AgGWUgEA]Giftbringer's Insignia
[&AgEEUgEA]Giftbringer's Inscription
Black Lion Trading Company
[&AgF7UQEA]Evon Gnashblade Action Figure
[&AgG2UgEA]The Evon Gnashblade Wintersday Gift
1877046_1005Has more than twice the Forged punching power of the Ellen Kiel Action Figure!
[&AgG0UQEA]Guaranteed Weapon Unlock
1915874_0770Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock
[&AgHKUQEA]Guaranteed Armor Unlock
1915872_0320Black Lion Commemorative Coin
[&AgGCUgEA]Lion's Arch Snow Globe
1896624_0261There's a miniature Lion's Arch inside... It looks broken.
1915872_0286Donate Wintersday foods to the Amnoon food drive in Divinity's Reach.
1896625_1021Antler Pattern Snowflake Platform
[&AgFvUgEA]Map Currency Box
1915872_0800Glacial Wintersday Chest
1877046_0601Empty Dye Kit