Guild Wars 2 update countdown tool
Monday 15th of January 2018
By now you probably know the drill, almost every Tuesday a lot of "will there be a patch today?" or "when will the patch go live?" posts show up on the forums, discord and reddit. For me it's very easy to tell when the next major patch will most like go live based on gemstore items and previous updates and I still had my old PoF countdown page laying around collecting dust. So I decided to retrofit it to a patch countdown page that I will try to keep up to date as much as possible.


  • What's the difference between "will be" and "is expected"?
    • Will be: indicates a confirmed date (like living season episode or event)
    • Is expected: is not confirmed
  • Does this also include smaller patches like bug fixes?
    • No, those can't be predicted
  • Can you display what will be in the patch?
    • No, I only can estimate when, not what.
  • Can you list future patches?
    • No, that would be impossible
  • Why does it show soontm ?
    • This means the patch is either going live soon or I still have to update the page for the next patch
  • How accurate are the expected dates?
    • Fairly
  • The date on the page was wrong!1!!
    • Ok.