Upcoming features from the March 27
Tuesday 27th of March 2018
Small patch today, the next one will be in two weeks.




[&AgEPVQEAAA==]Winged Headpiece
1964842_0058Prepare to soar with the Winged Headpiece!
[&CoQfAAA=]Winged Headpiece (light)
[&CocfAAA=]Winged Headpiece (medium)
[&CogfAAA=]Winged Headpiece (heavy)
SAB Minis
1938965_0454Receive the Mini Super Piranha, Mini Super Bunny, and Mini Super Turtle. Combine in the Mystic Forge with a Continue Coin to unlock the Mini Super Angry Cloud.
[&AgEbVQEAAA==]Miniature Super Trio—Series 4
[&AgENVQEA]Mini Super Turtle
[&AgFGVQEA]Mini Super Piranha
[&AgEvVQEA]Mini Super Bunny
[&AgEMVQEA]Mini Super Angry Cloud
1877046_0601Elonian Beasts Dye Kit
[&AgFEVQEA]Hydra Dye
[&AgERVQEA]Iboga Dye
[&AgEQVQEA]Sand Shark Dye
[&AgE7VQEA]Desert Harpy Dye
[&AgFXVQEA]Jacaranda Dye
[&AgE1VQEA]Choya Dye
[&AgFAVQEAAA==]Istani Isles—Mount Select License
[&AgFIVQEAAA==]Istani Isles—Mount Adoption License
1952024_0936This mount skin can only be acquired through the Istani Isles mount licenses available from the Black Lion Trading Company.
1964845_0998Mount Adoption License Selection Box
1964845_1003Adopt a new version of your mounts.
1964843_0852Unlock a new mount of your choice.
WvW Weapons
[&Co8fAAA=]Obsidian Mace
[&CosfAAA=]Obsidian Pistol
[&CpAfAAA=]Obsidian Scepter
[&ChofAAA=]Obsidian Sword
[&CoIfAAA=]Mistforged Obsidian Mace
[&CoYfAAA=]Mistforged Obsidian Pistol
[&CokfAAA=]Mistforged Obsidian Scepter
[&ChQfAAA=]Mistforged Obsidian Sword
[&CoofAAA=]Slumbering Obsidian Mace
[&Co4fAAA=]Slumbering Obsidian Pistol
[&CoEfAAA=]Slumbering Obsidian Scepter
[&CjgfAAA=]Slumbering Obsidian Sword
[&Co0fAAA=]Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Mace
[&CowfAAA=]Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Pistol
[&CoMfAAA=]Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Scepter
[&Cg8fAAA=]Slumbering Mistforged Obsidian Sword
SAB Food
[&AgEoVQEA]Holographic Super Apple
[&AgFHVQEA]Holographic Super Cake
1964846_0541Holographic Super Cheese
[&AgEhVQEA]Holographic Super Drumstick
SAB Decorations
[&AgEwVQEA]Super Angry Cloud
[&AgExVQEA]Super Beech Tree
[&AgFMVQEA]Super Chest
[&AgEmVQEA]Super Happy Cloud
[&AgE3VQEA]Super Large Rock
[&AgEcVQEA]Bauble Gathering System
1964845_0172Activates a new gathering node in your home instance.
1964842_0324The scientific term is "bee dogs"—please ignore the discrepancy.
1952024_0730Sign up with the Super Race Announcer if you want to compete.
1952024_0693For when you just want to see the story.
1925769_0312Ceylon Cut
1925769_0454Issnur Long Hair
1933150_0268Istani Bald