Presenting SkrittCoin - Tyria's first cryptocurrency - mine directly in your browser!
Saturday 31st of March 2018
n the modern day and age cryptocurrencies are the new rage. So I present SkrittCoin, a new currency that relies on Collective intelligence blockchain technology to gather as much shinies as possible.

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How To

Mining SkrittCoin has never been this easy!
  • Open the SkrittCoin miner in your favorite browser of choice
  • Use the ARROW keys or WASD to move around on desktop computers
  • Use the touch controls on mobile devices and tablets
  • Gamepads are supported on most browsers on both desktop and mobile
  • Collect as many SkrittCoin as possible
  • Find hidden chests to get more shinies!
  • You'll find more rewards if you dig deeper but beware of the dangers down below!
  • If you get stuck use the menu in the top-left corner to abbandon your Skritt or start a new level
  • All levels are uniquely generated and can be shared by copying the URL