Upcoming features from the April 10 patch
Tuesday 10th of April 2018
Small patch today, next one is expected in about 3 weeks.



[&AgGFVQEAAA==]Beastslayer Glider
[&AgGBVQEAAA==]Shifting Sand Mining Pick
Mini Pets
1964842_0336Mini Griffon Hatchling Reward Chest
[&AgFiVQEA]Mini Black Griffon Hatchling
[&AgGzVQEA]Mini Blue Griffon Hatchling
[&AgF9VQEA]Mini Fire Griffon Hatchling
[&AgFeVQEA]Mini Gold Griffon Hatchling
[&AgFjVQEA]Mini Green Griffon Hatchling
[&AgGuVQEA]Mini Nova Griffon Hatchling
[&AgGvVQEA]Mini Red Griffon Hatchling
[&AgFbVQEA]Mini Silver Griffon Hatchling
[&AgGaVQEA]Mini White Griffon Hatchling
[&AgFoVQEA]Mini Yellow Griffon Hatchling
[&AgFqVQEAAA==]Black Lion Glyph Selection Container
1964843_0014Glyph of Flight
[&AgGJVQEA]Glyph of Flight
[&AgGKVQEA]Glyph of Flight (Unused)
[&AgGIVQEA]Glyph of Industry
[&AgGbVQEA]Glyph of Industry (Unused)
[&AgGxVQEA]Glyph of the Leatherworker
[&AgGcVQEA]Glyph of the Leatherworker (Unused)
[&AgGCVQEA]Glyph of the Scavenger
[&AgGSVQEA]Glyph of the Scavenger
[&AgFvVQEA]Glyph of the Tailor
[&AgGkVQEA]Glyph of the Tailor (Unused)
[&AgGEVQEA]Glyph of the Unbound
[&AgGOVQEA]Glyph of the Watchknight
1972734_0251Enjoy a complimentary glyph. Available for a limited time.
1964846_1002Collect Your Glyph Here!
Gathering Skins
[&CpMfAAA=]Super Adventure Logging Bear
[&CpYfAAA=]Focused Solar Logging Tool
[&CpcfAAA=]Unbound Magic Logging Pulse
[&CpofAAA=]Shifting Sand Mining Pick
[&CpsfAAA=]Tireless Harvesting Minion
[&Cp0fAAA=]Unbound Magic Harvesting Blast
[&Cp8fAAA=]Glitter Bomb Harvesting Tool
[&CqEfAAA=]Unbound Magic Mining Beam
[&CqcfAAA=]Jack-in-the-Box Scythe
[&CqwfAAA=]Tireless Logging Minion
Weapon Skins
[&CqIfAAA=]Celestial Compass
1952023_0113Inquest Mark II Weapons
[&CpIfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Axe
[&CpQfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Dagger
[&CpgfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Focus
[&CqgfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Greatsword
[&CqMfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Hammer
[&Cq0fAAA=]Inquest Mark II Longbow
[&CpEfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Mace
[&CqsfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Pistol
[&CpwfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Rifle
[&CqYfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Scepter
[&CpkfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Shield
[&CqQfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Short Bow
[&Cq4fAAA=]Inquest Mark II Staff
[&CqUfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Sword
[&Cp4fAAA=]Inquest Mark II Torch
[&CpUfAAA=]Inquest Mark II Warhorn
[&AgFmVQEA]WvW Reward Track Enrichment
1972733_0172+5% WvW Reward Track Gain
[&AgF5VQEA]WxP Enrichment
1972733_0117+10% WvW Experience
1964846_0936Double-click to apply to an unused enrichment slot.
[&AgGtVQEA]God-Slayer Bow Package
1964844_0624Contains 5 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets and 5 Black Lion Chest Keys.
1964846_1021Bonus Weekend Event
1964846_0719Outfits—Heroes and Villains
1938964_0800Mysterious Etchings Chest