Upcoming features from the May 8 patch
Tuesday 8th of May 2018
Here's today's content, next patch in 2 weeks.



Gathering tools
[&AgHqVQEAAA==]Choya Logging Tool
[&CrcfAAA=]Choya Logging Tool (preview)
Shrine Guardian
[&AgHzVQEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin
1925769_0211Double-click to unlock this jackal mount skin for your account.
1925767_0671This will change the appearance of your mount and unlock this jackal mount skin for all characters on your account.
Aqua breathers
[&AgHrVQEA]Diver's Breather Veil
[&AgH0VQEA]Diver's Breather Helmet
[&AgHLVQEA]Diver's Breather Mask
[&CrUfAAA=]Cloth Aquabreather (light)
[&CrgfAAA=]Cloth Aquabreather (heavy)
[&CrsfAAA=]Cloth Aquabreather (medium)
Exalted Armor
[&CrkfAAA=]Exalted Gloves (light)
[&CrofAAA=]Exalted Gloves (heavy)
[&CrMfAAA=]Exalted Gloves (medium)
Lost revenant skins
[&CXwxAAA=]Recipe: Mistbreaker
[&CX0xAAA=]Recipe: Mistcleaver
[&CX4xAAA=]Recipe: Mistrender
[&CX8xAAA=]Recipe: Revenant's Inscription
Swim-speed infusions
1983841_0511Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. Infuses character with increased swimming speed.
1983840_0846Swim-Speed Infusion +10
1983840_0402Swim-Speed Infusion +11
1983840_0691Swim-Speed Infusion +12
1983841_0121Swim-Speed Infusion +13
1983840_0267Swim-Speed Infusion +14
1978274_0897Swim-Speed Infusion +15
1978274_0536Swim-Speed Infusion +17
1978274_0857Swim-Speed Infusion +18
1983841_0225Swim-Speed Infusion +19
1978274_0594Swim-Speed Infusion +20
1983841_0348Swim-Speed Infusion +21
1983840_0796Swim-Speed Infusion +22
1978274_0377Swim-Speed Infusion +23
1983840_0826Swim-Speed Infusion +24
1978274_0756Swim-Speed Infusion +25
1983840_0131Swim-Speed Infusion +26
1983840_0752Swim-Speed Infusion +27
1983840_0704Swim-Speed Infusion +28
1983841_0517Swim-Speed Infusion +29
1983840_0779Swim-Speed Infusion +30
1983841_0329Increases swimming speed.
1964846_0655Glyph of the Watchknight (Unused)
1972733_0572Glyph of the Unbound (Unused)
[&AgHuVQEA]Glyph of the Prospector
PvP bonus weekend
1983840_0762It's 2v2 week in the Mists! 2v2 tournaments will run every six hours until Saturday, at which point we'll cap off the event with one final tournament and larger rewards—including a unique title!
1983840_0111It's 2v2 week in the Mists! 2v2 tournaments will run every 6 hours until Saturday morning (PDT). Then at 12:00 noon PDT (19:00 UTC), we'll cap off the event with one final tournament for larger rewards, including a unique title.
[&AgH1VQEA]Champion's Chalice
Swimming swimming swimming
1978272_0577Ornate Rusted Key
1978273_0476An elaborate key. It must open something.
1952023_0743I've heard from a reliable friend that you have an interest in treasure. Come see me in Lion's Arch, and we can explore that desire.
1938964_0451Treasure found!
1938964_0800Distant Visitors Chest
1978274_0695Super Rare