Upcoming features from the July 10 patch
Tuesday 10th of July 2018

I'm back with my usual data-mining business. Today's patch wasn't that big content wise so it'll last about 2 weeks.



Mount Skin
[&AgEvWAEAAA==]Tremor Armadillo
2010369_0921Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin
2000144_0578Armadillo, Armordillo, Armodillo, Armodilo, Armadilo, Armardilo, Pangalin, Pangolan, Pangalan [»]
2010368_0313This will change the appearance of your mount and unlock this roller beetle mount skin for all characters on your account.
Glider and backpack
2000142_0147Desert King Backpack and Glider Combo
2000142_0828Take to the skies with the new Desert King backpiece and glider combo.
[&AgHeTQEAAA==]Desert King Glider
2000142_0803Desert King Reliquary
[&AgEyWAEAAA==]Desert King Reliquary Backpiece
2000143_0057Double-click to apply this look to any other gloves.
[&AgEsWAEAAA==]Storm Gloves
2010369_0936Channel the power of the storm!
Armor and weapons
1877046_0755Contains a choice of Mistforged Obsidian weapons.
1896624_0593Mistforged Obsidian Weapon Box
1701553_0700Contains a choice of any Glorious Hero's armor.
109662_0785Glorious Victor's Armor Box
2010370_0573Gizmo Trade-In
2010370_0695Error: Access card required to enter storage room.
2010370_0108You cannot talk in this channel while appearing offline.
2000144_0279This player cannot whisper you back unless you are on the same map or you add them as a friend.
[&Cu4fAAA=]Palawa Joko's Staff
[&CvYfAAA=]SAB Booze
[&AgFlVwEA]Asura Lab Gate Key
Dog Wars 2
[&AgEEWAEA]Letter to Mom