Upcoming features from the July 24 patch
Tuesday 24th of July 2018
The festival has begun and brings enough content for 2 weeks.



Mount Skins
[&AgFaWAEAAA==]Desert Racer Mount Select License
[&AgGIWAEAAA==]Desert Racer Mount Adoption License
Mini Pets
[&AgFPWAEA]Mini Watchknight Mk II
[&AgE+WAEA]Mini Beach Gourdon
[&AgFeWAEA]Infinite Watchknight Mk II Tonic
109784_0988Endless Multicolored Ooze Tonic
[&CgUgAAA=]Storm Dagger Skin
2000142_0770Blazing Light Blade
Divine Sovereign Skins
2000144_0272Divine Sovereign Weapons
[&ChwgAAA=]Divine Sovereign Firearm
[&CicgAAA=]Divine Sovereign Pillar
[&CgkgAAA=]Divine Sovereign Crusader
[&Ch0gAAA=]Divine Sovereign Arquebus
[&ChsgAAA=]Divine Sovereign Warhammer
Zephyrite Skins
[&CgsgAAA=]Zephyrite Dagger
[&CgggAAA=]Zephyrite Shield
[&CiggAAA=]Zephyrite Longbow
[&CiAgAAA=]Zephyrite Sword
[&CvwfAAA=]Zephyrite Axe
[&ChggAAA=]Grand Sun Catcher
[&Ch8gAAA=]Grand Wind Catcher
[&ChogAAA=]Grand Lightning Catcher
2015903_0235Zephyrite Aspect Helm Pack
2015903_0248Zephyrite Aspect Helm Pack now available!
[&AgFhWAEAAA==]Sun Aspect Eye
[&AgFqWAEAAA==]Wind Aspect Eye
[&AgF+WAEAAA==]Lightning Aspect Eye
2010368_0967Aspect-Blessed Glove Box
2000144_0311Lightning-Touched Zephyrite Gloves
2010368_0348Lightning-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
2000144_0895Sun-Touched Zephyrite Gloves
2000144_0905Sun-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
2010369_0688Wind-Touched Zephyrite Gloves
2010368_0213Wind-Blessed Zephyrite Gloves
2010368_0952Pair of Queen Jennah's Shoes
1129130_0175Open to choose a pair of invisible boots.
[&AgGYWAEA]Ornamental Kite
[&AgFDWAEA]Mark of Peace Kite
[&AgE8WAEA]Embellished Kite
[&AgE2WAEA]Superior Rune of the Zephyrite
1972734_0767This race is for dolyaks only! You have been disqualified.
1978272_0412You cannot participate in the dolyak race, as you do not look like a dolyak.
1992048_0510The festival has concluded! You will be returned home in one minute. See you next year!
2015903_0693Festival of the Four Winds Reward Track
1992048_0518Aspect Master Die
1964844_0487Warning: You are out of inventory space. If you continue treasure hunting, you may stop receiving bundles of loot.
1964844_0079Bundle of Loot
1938964_0800Festival of the Four Winds Chest
1992049_0842Gnashblade Zephyrite Supply Box
2000142_0323Disheveled Mystery Bag
2010369_0926Zephyrite Curio Box
2015903_0286Zephyrite Supply Box
2000144_0427Phoenix Lantern
2000144_0539Zephyr Window Pane
2000144_0838Zephyr Lantern
2010368_0197Zephyr Bridge
2010368_0377Zephyr Sail
1701550_0944Grants a large amount of PvP Reward Track progress.
1701553_0053Large Potion of PvP Reward
1952023_0771Kookoochoo the Inaccurate
1952023_0469Kookoochoo the Inane
1938965_0621Kookoochoo the Inappropriate
1938965_0612Kookoochoo the Incombustible
1952023_0348Kookoochoo the Incomprehensible
1952023_0564Kookoochoo the Incongruous
1952023_1016Kookoochoo the Incontrovertible
1952023_0003Kookoochoo the Incriminated
1952023_0769Kookoochoo the Indicted
1952023_0602Kookoochoo the Indiscreet
1952024_0072Kookoochoo the Indisputable
1952023_0450Kookoochoo the Indubitable
1952023_0870Kookoochoo the Infernal
1952023_0093Kookoochoo the Infirmed
1938965_0797Kookoochoo the Infuriated
1952023_0109Kookoochoo the Iniquitous
1938965_0590Kookoochoo the Insane
1952023_0161Kookoochoo the Inscrutable
1952024_0020Kookoochoo the Insecure
1952023_0884Kookoochoo the Insubstantial
1938965_0720Kookoochoo the Intemperate
1938965_0844Kookoochoo the Intolerant
1952024_0016Kookoochoo the Invidious