Upcoming features from the August 7 patch
Tuesday 7th of August 2018
They've made some stealth updates to the map around the labyrinthine cliffs, next patch is expected in 3 weeks.



2000142_0052Timekeeper Package
[&AgEBWQEAAA==]Timekeeper Outfit
[&AgEUWQEAAA==]Timekeeper Glider
Weapon Skins
[&CjwgAAA=]Scion's Claw
[&CkIgAAA=]Favor of the Colossus
[&AgEjWQEAAA==]Choya Mining Tool
[&AgGxWAEA]Glyph of the Herbalist
[&AgEZWQEAAA==]Conqueror's Dye Set
[&AgHCWAEAAA==]Mordremoth Dye Kit
1877046_0594Bloom Dye
1896624_0283Auric Dye
1896624_0776Arid Dye
1896624_0823Abyssal Forest Dye
1896625_0078Jungle Dye
1896625_0416Nightmare Dye
2015904_0727Voucher Dealer • Exchanges Black Lion Vouchers for Select Items
[&AgHEWAEAAA==]Black Lion Weapons Voucher
[&AgHxWAEAAA==]Black Lion Outfit Ticket
[&AgH0WAEAAA==]Black Lion Glider Voucher
[&AgETWQEAAA==]Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher
Onyx and Gold Weapons
2000143_0135Use this item to select and unlock an Onyx Lion weapon skin of your choice for your account. This will also unlock a bonus Gold Lion weapon skin for the same weapon.
2000144_0090Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice
2000144_0148Gold Lion Axe
2000142_0886Gold Lion Dagger
2000142_0590Gold Lion Focus
2000142_0199Gold Lion Greatsword
2000142_0569Gold Lion Hammer
2000143_0783Gold Lion Longbow
2000142_0903Gold Lion Mace
2000143_0748Gold Lion Pistol
2000143_0656Gold Lion Rifle
2000142_0091Gold Lion Scepter
2000142_0729Gold Lion Shield
2000143_0771Gold Lion Short Bow
2000142_0191Gold Lion Staff
2000143_0634Gold Lion Sword
2000143_0765Gold Lion Torch
2000142_0235Gold Lion Warhorn
2000144_0121Onyx Lion Axe
2000144_0154Onyx Lion Dagger
2000142_0767Onyx Lion Focus
2000142_0057Onyx Lion Greatsword
2000143_0881Onyx Lion Hammer
2000143_0294Onyx Lion Longbow
2000142_0186Onyx Lion Mace
2000143_0732Onyx Lion Pistol
2000143_0239Onyx Lion Rifle
2000143_0644Onyx Lion Scepter
2000142_0916Onyx Lion Shield
2000143_0312Onyx Lion Short Bow
2000142_0875Onyx Lion Staff
2000142_0160Onyx Lion Sword
2000143_0387Onyx Lion Torch
2000144_0038Onyx Lion Warhorn
Placeholder Headgear
[no code]Enchanted Dragon Crown Package
[&AgGiWAEAAA==]Dragon Horn
[&AgG0WAEAAA==]Dragon's Eye Circlet
[&AgENWQEAAA==]Enchanted Dragon Crown
1862778_0373Mount, Raptor, Rapter, Springer, Jackal, Jackel, Jackle, Skimmer, Griffon, Griffin, Gryphon, Roller, Beetle, Rollerbeetle