Upcoming features from the November 13 patch
Tuesday 13th of November 2018
The new items from Dog Wars 2.




[&AgEQXAEAAA==]Raven Helm
2059820_0765Raven Helm skin is now available!
[&AgF3XAEAAA==]Raven Mantle
2063934_0934Raven Mantle shoulder skin is now available!
2063934_0476Desert King Throne
Dog Wars 2
[&AgE8VgEAAA==]Pet Dog Whistle - Basenji
2059820_0573Using this item will summon a companion that you can play with in the world and teach new tricks over time.
2063934_0014Your new best friend is ready to play!
2063934_0711Your dog is ready to learn some new tricks. Training is hard and your dog can only learn so much in any given day, but they're always happy to play with you.
2059820_0171Call your dog over and give them a treat.
2059819_0619Dog Toy Transform
2059819_0806Play with your dog to eventually teach it new tricks.
2063934_0899You've thought of a new command to give your dog. Let's see how they respond to it!
2059820_0661New Trick Learned!
2063934_0515Playing with Your Dog
2063934_0189Roll Over
2063934_0252Play Dead
2059820_0705Play Fetch
2063934_0969Lay Down
2063935_0089Send Home
2059820_0739Your dog has learned all it can for today, but you can keep playing with them until they're ready to learn more tricks again tomorrow.
2063934_0394Call your dog over and show them affection.
2063935_0246Training Fatigue
2051787_1005Djinn's Dominion
1915874_0597Beta Djinn's Dominion
2056705_0023-Capture the arena in Yasmi's lamp to gain access to powerful skills.
1964846_0950Lamp Captured
1825750_0383Mistforged Glorious Victor's Armor Box
1825761_0860Contains a choice of any Mistforged Glorious Hero's armor.
2040258_0552You must have a PvP rank of 100 and have the Ardent Glorious Pauldrons skin unlocked to buy this item.
2063934_0595One Potion of Mist Rewards
Runes & Sigils
2000144_0341Lucent Mote
2010369_0096Can be refined into piles of lucent crystals.
2022777_1013Pile of Lucent Crystal
2022777_0766Refined from lucent motes. Used to craft runes and sigils.
2063934_0317Recipe: Enhanced Lucent Oil
2059820_0754Enhanced Lucent Oil
2063934_0724Recipe: Potent Lucent Oil
2059820_0888Potent Lucent Oil
2051787_0496Recipe: Rune of Divinity
2051787_0675Recipe: Rune of Hoelbrak
2051787_0173Recipe: Rune of Infiltration
2056705_0150Recipe: Rune of Mercy
2051787_0152Recipe: Rune of Rage
2051787_0742Recipe: Rune of Rata Sum
2051787_0915Recipe: Rune of Strength
2056705_0370Recipe: Rune of the Afflicted
2056705_0424Recipe: Rune of the Citadel
2051787_0303Recipe: Rune of the Dolyak
2051787_0381Recipe: Rune of the Eagle
2051787_0593Recipe: Rune of the Flock
2051787_0673Recipe: Rune of the Grove
2051787_0522Recipe: Rune of the Pack
2051787_0752Recipe: Rune of the Traveler
2056705_0235Recipe: Rune of Vampirism
2051787_0100Recipe: Sigil of Accuracy
2051787_0792Recipe: Sigil of Agony
2051787_0205Recipe: Sigil of Battle
2051787_0513Recipe: Sigil of Blood
2051787_0244Recipe: Sigil of Bloodlust
2051787_0339Recipe: Sigil of Chilling
2051787_0228Recipe: Sigil of Corruption
2051787_0605Recipe: Sigil of Debility
2056705_0308Recipe: Sigil of Demons
2056705_0397Recipe: Sigil of Energy
2051787_0370Recipe: Sigil of Force
2051787_0564Recipe: Sigil of Geomancy
2051787_0274Recipe: Sigil of Hobbling
2051787_0548Recipe: Sigil of Hydromancy
2051787_0446Recipe: Sigil of Intelligence
2051787_1000Recipe: Sigil of Leeching
2051787_0716Recipe: Sigil of Life
2056705_0081Recipe: Sigil of Nullification
2056705_0285Recipe: Sigil of Perception
2056705_0353Recipe: Sigil of Peril
2056705_0277Recipe: Sigil of Purity
2051787_0514Recipe: Sigil of Rage
2051787_0918Recipe: Sigil of Restoration
2051787_0221Recipe: Sigil of Smoldering
2051787_0617Recipe: Sigil of Stamina
2051787_0501Recipe: Sigil of Venom
PvP & WvW
2063934_0800Contains PvP and WvW Reward Track progress, food, and valuable items. Double-click to open.
2063935_0059Grants a small amount of reward track progress in both WvW and PvP.