Upcoming features from the January 8 patch
Tuesday 8th of January 2019
First of all, happy new year! These are some of the new items from the new living world update, next patch is expected in two weeks.

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2085251_0011All or Nothing Appearance Package
[&C1IAAAA=]Logan's Pact Marshal Outfit
[&AgFuXwEAAA==]Caithe's Crystal Bloom Sword
2085251_0101Roaring Dragon Glider
Mount Skins
2076144_0867Shiverpeaks Mount Pack
[&AgGWXQEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Skimmer Skin
[&AgFEXgEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Jackal Skin
[&AgFQXgEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Springer Skin
[&AgH0XgEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Griffon Skin
[&AgEFXwEAAA==]Shiverpeaks Raptor Skin
[&AgF1XgEAAA==]Kralkatorrik Dye Kit
2029500_0699Arcane Dye
2029500_0527Branded Dye
2022777_0647Brandstorm Dye
2022777_0748Crystal Dye
2022777_0896Fear Dye
2029500_0758Shattered Dye
Mini Pets
[&AgGoXQEA]Mini Branded Dredge
[&AgF4XQEA]Mini Frodak Steelstar
[&AgGLXQEA]Mini Olmakhan Rox
[&AgEEXwEA]Mini Wrathbringer
2010368_0948Open to choose a pair of Corsair leggings.
2000144_0446Light Corsair Leggings
2000144_0587Medium Corsair Leggings
2010369_0602Heavy Corsair Leggings
Dragonsblood Weapon Skins
2040258_0749Dragonsblood Axe
2056705_0541Dragonsblood Bolt
2040258_1013Dragonsblood Dagger
2051786_0844Dragonsblood Focus
2040258_0604Dragonsblood Greatsword
2051786_0511Dragonsblood Hammer
2051786_0202Dragonsblood Longbow
2040258_1005Dragonsblood Mace
2051786_0496Dragonsblood Pistol
2040258_0975Dragonsblood Rifle
2051786_0548Dragonsblood Scepter
2051786_0439Dragonsblood Shield
2040258_0928Dragonsblood Short Bow
2051786_0076Dragonsblood Spear
2051786_0950Dragonsblood Staff
2040258_0760Dragonsblood Sword
2040258_0983Dragonsblood Torch
2040258_0605Dragonsblood Warhorn
2051786_0995Heroic Dragonsblood Axe
2051786_0964Heroic Dragonsblood Dagger
2051786_0568Heroic Dragonsblood Focus
2040258_0857Heroic Dragonsblood Greatsword
2051786_0092Heroic Dragonsblood Hammer
2040258_0804Heroic Dragonsblood Longbow
2040258_0830Heroic Dragonsblood Mace
2051786_0057Heroic Dragonsblood Pistol
2040258_0916Heroic Dragonsblood Rifle
2051786_0554Heroic Dragonsblood Scepter
2051786_0205Heroic Dragonsblood Shield
2051787_0001Heroic Dragonsblood Short Bow
2051786_0171Heroic Dragonsblood Staff
2051786_0245Heroic Dragonsblood Sword
2040258_0865Heroic Dragonsblood Torch
2051786_0335Heroic Dragonsblood Warhorn
2051787_0365Shard of Spero
2056705_0190Tribute to Spero
2051787_0072Used to craft the legendary longbow precursor Spero. Combine in the Mystic Forge with Mystic Runestones, a Gift of Wood, and a Gift of the Mists to create the Gift of Pharus.
Diviner Stats
2010370_1010Exquisite Serpentite Jewel
2015903_0660Recipe: Serpentite Orichalcum Earring
2010370_1023Crafted in the style of dwarven weaponsmith Frodak Steelstar.
2051786_0865Dragon Crystal Node
2051786_0470Activates a dragon crystal node in your home instance.
2051786_0123Double-click to teleport to Thunderhead Peaks. This item cannot be used while in combat.
2051786_0208Thunderhead Peaks Empowerment
1978274_0655Bond of Faith
1896624_0765Your bond with Aurene has granted you the ability to launch off of mounts.
1896625_0243Master your bond with Aurene so that she can lend you magical wings, allowing you to launch from your mounts.
Reward Track
2063935_0705Bonus Mist Champion—Turai Ossa Mini Reward Track
2070019_0524Turai Ossa Mini Reward Box
2063935_0443This box contains a mini of Turai Ossa, dragonite ore, empyreal fragments, obsidian shards, and mystic clovers.