Upcoming features from the January 22 patch
Tuesday 22nd of January 2019

Lunar new year has returned and these are the new items from this patch, next one will probably be in two weeks.



[&AgGOXwEAAA==]Shrine Guardian Outfit
2101151_0448Shrine Guardian Appearance Package
Staff Skin
[&AgGTXwEAAA==]Staff of Fortune Skin
Armor Skin
2101150_0117Exalted Shoulders
Mini Pets
[&AgGRXwEA]Mini Festive Lantern
[&AgGXXwEA]Mini Fortunate Lantern
[&AgGcXwEA]Mini Glowing Lantern
[&AgGZXwEAAA==]Mini Shrine Guardian
2101151_0450Recipe: Rune of Fireworks
2085251_0896Superior Rune of Fireworks
[&Cq8hAAA=]Lucky Boar Lantern
[&CrAhAAA=]Lucky Great Boar Lantern
New Year
2101151_0239Boar Statue
2101151_0739Golden Boar Figurine
2101153_0212Visage of the Great Boar Firework
1624079_0418New Year's Gift
2029500_0667Fortune's Favor Chest
109628_0707Favors Melee • High Survivability • Weaponsmaster Warriors build their adrenaline by successfully striking an enemy, then expend it to unleash devastating burst attacks. Warriors are versatile and resilient fighters.
109627_0449Favors Melee • Stealth and Evasion • Acrobatic Combat Thieves manage their initiative during combat, expending it to unleash carefully timed attacks. What they lack in defense, they make up for with skills to debilitate, teleport, or vanish from sight.
109628_0201Favors Melee • Supports Allies • Defensive Magic Guardians gain powerful personal enhancements from their virtues, which they can briefly expend to aid friends or damage foes. Formidable on their own, guardians shine brightest in the company of allies.
109627_0420Favors Ranged • Creates Illusions • Finesse and Misdirection Masters of magical misdirection, mesmers create and shatter clones and illusions of themselves in battle. Mesmers rely on evasion and subterfuge requiring finesse and practice to perfect.
109629_0370Favors Ranged • Elemental Magic • Versatile Caster Elementalists harness the power of the four elements—water, earth, fire, and air—to cast powerful spells. Their ability to change their elemental attunement midcombat is versatile but difficult to master.
109628_0594Favors Ranged • Pet Companion • Naturalist Rangers tame a variety of pet companions to complement their fighting style. Rounding out their arsenal with traps, nature spirits, and survival skills, they have the tools to take on any type of foe.
109629_0318Favors Ranged • Summons Minions • Dark Magic Necromancers of Tyria are monsters on the battlefield, draining life force from their enemies and entering a death shroud that temporarily grants them powerful abilities and protects them from harm.
109627_0818Melee or Ranged • Gadgets, Turrets, and Toolkits • Technomancer Engineers are jacks-of-all-trades and, with enough time, masters of many. Able to bring dozens of abilities and toolbelt skills to a fight, their art is in choosing the right one to utilize at the perfect time.
963292_0906Melee or Ranged • Invokes Legendary Heroes • Magic-Wielding Fighter Revenants invoke the power of legendary heroes from Tyria's past, spending their own energy to channel the abilities used by those figures. They are reliable allies and dangerous enemies.