Upcoming features from the March 5 patch
Tuesday 5th of March 2019

The warkitty is here for you to enjoy and there's enough items to last another 3 weeks (we'll probably get the super adventure festival at that point).



Warclaw Skins
2110342_0074Warclaw Frontline Mount Pack
[&AgGtXwEAAA==]Assault Warclaw Skin
[&AgHPXwEAAA==]Branded Warclaw Skin
[&AgHcXwEAAA==]Embermane Warclaw Skin
[&AgG4XwEAAA==]Outrider Warclaw Skin
[&AgHRXwEAAA==]Vanguard Warclaw Skin
Backpack & Glider
2110342_0549Etherbound Package
2085251_0993Etherbound Glider
2101150_0199Etherbound Backpiece
[&AgHYXwEAAA==]Wyvern Roost Scepter Skin
2085251_0176Defiant Glass Axe
2085251_0104Defiant Glass Dagger
2076144_0794Defiant Glass Focus
2085251_0136Defiant Glass Greatsword
2076144_0812Defiant Glass Hammer
2085251_0093Defiant Glass Longbow
2076144_0929Defiant Glass Mace
2085251_0154Defiant Glass Pistol
2076144_0865Defiant Glass Rifle
2076144_0967Defiant Glass Scepter
2085251_0178Defiant Glass Shield
2076144_0780Defiant Glass Short Bow
2076144_0962Defiant Glass Staff
2085251_0075Defiant Glass Sword
2076144_0991Defiant Glass Sword Skin
2076144_0933Defiant Glass Torch
2076144_1021Defiant Glass Warhorn
2110343_0236Defiant Glass Weapons
2110343_0236Defiant Glass Weapons
Armistice Bastion
[&AgHTXwEAAA==]Armistice Bastion Pass (2 weeks)
[&AgGpXwEAAA==]Armistice Bastion Pass
2056705_0200Armistice Bastion
2101150_0180Join the green team and fight other Mist warriors outside the Armistice Bastion walls.
2101151_0728Join the blue team and fight other Mist warriors outside the Armistice Bastion walls.
2101151_0747Join the red team and fight other Mist warriors outside the Armistice Bastion walls.
2101152_0087While in Armistice Bastion, use travel skills to teleport to merchants or to quickly return to Tyria.
2040256_0040Travel to Black Lion Outpost
2040256_0628Travel to WvW Specialists
2040257_0370Travel to Major Cities
2040257_0479Travel to Crafting Hub
2040257_0712Travel to Courtyard Tent
2040257_0825Travel to the Arena
2040258_0393Travel to Training Golems
2085251_0608Travel to Black Lion specialist vendors.
2085251_0644Travel to the combat-training dummies in the outer courtyard.
2040257_0231World vs World Warclaw
1444563_0319Warclaw Armor Box
1915874_0052Pounce on foes, finishing foes who are in a downed state.
1915874_0345Battle Maul now finishes enemies who are in a downed state.
1915874_0853Mount Mastery IV: Finishing Enemies
1925767_0244You cannot attach the chain to this.
1925767_0249Mount Mastery VI: Pulling on Structures
1925768_0245No more chains can be attached to this gate.
1925768_0268Unlock a second skill that allows your warclaw to detect enemies.
1925768_0560Unlock a third skill that allows your warclaw to pull on gates to damage them.
1925769_0174Mount Mastery V: Enemy Scent
1925769_0500There are no enemies within range.
1925769_0725Your mount is exhausted and cannot carry supply at this time.
1978272_0244Detects the scent of nearby enemies and temporarily marks their location on the map.
1938964_0479This armor box contains Dragonite Ore, Empyreal Fragments, Obsidian Shards, Mystic Clovers, Testimonies of Heroics, and a Warclaw Helmet.
2040256_0086Warclaw Armor Bolts
2051786_0552Warclaw Horn Spikes
2040256_0172Warclaw Emblem
2040256_0257Warclaw Leg Armor
2040258_0546Warclaw Helmet
2051786_0061Warclaw Certificate of Ownership
2051786_0151Warclaw Gorget
2051786_0410Warclaw Saddle
2051786_0405You must have the Warclaw Emblem achievement unlocked to purchase this item. Only one can be purchased per account.