Upcoming features from the March 26 patch
Tuesday 26th of March 2019

Today's patch features a lot of tiny SAB things and will last for about two weeks.



Mini Pets
2117959_0380Mini Super Adventure Gourdon
[&AgHrXwEAAA==]Super Adventure Box Chair
Defiant Glass
2029500_0292Defiant Glass Appearance Package
[&AgHyXwEAAA==]Defiant Glass Outfit
[&AgHkXwEAAA==]Defiant Glass Backpack Skin
2110343_0427Legion Jetpack Backpack Glider Combo
[&AgHlXwEAAA==]Legion Jetpack
[&AgHtXwEAAA==]Legion Jetpack Glider
[&AgHfXwEAAA==]Sacred Dye Kit
2117961_0081Radiant Gold Dye
2117959_0214Cerulean Sky Dye
2117959_0762Dawn Dye
2117960_0155Cerulean Night Dye
2117960_0859Radiant Brass Dye
2117960_0958Celestial Blue Dye
SAB Annual
1964846_0351(Annual) Flight of the Bumble Pugs
2107458_0741(Annual) Super Adventure Box Nostalgia
1964843_0447(Annual) World 1 Challenge
1964843_0300(Annual) World 1 Classic
1964846_0039(Annual) World 1 Warm-Up
1964842_0231(Annual) World 2 Challenge
1964846_0262(Annual) World 2 Classic
1964843_0340(Annual) World 2 Warm-Up
2107458_0252Annual Nostalgia
2107458_0506Complete __ annual Super Adventure Box achievement. This achievement can be completed once every year.
2117959_0729Super Assassin Backpack
2117960_0395Auspicious Hat
2117959_0450Epic Apple
2117959_0501Extra Tiara
2117960_0151Fabled Drumstick
2117960_0472Incredible Prize
2117960_0183Incredible Reward
2117959_0451Majestic Crown
2117960_0211Mythic Cake
2117959_0448Radiant Gold
2110343_0857Secret Key
2117959_0394Super Cliff Face
2117959_0590Super Ice Wall
2117959_0408Super Short Cliff Face
2110343_0929Super Snow Floor
2117960_0028Super Snowy Cliff Face
SAB Adventure
2110342_0672Master of Coins, World 1
2110342_0543Collect all 8 Magic Coins in World 1-1 as quickly as you can!
2110342_0939__ /__ Adventure Gold Awards in World 1