Upcoming features from the April 9 patch
Tuesday 9th of April 2019

Today's update brings another batch of new items and current events. It's enough to last about 3 weeks.



[&AgEaVgEAAA==]Magnificent Hummingbird Skimmer Skin
2117961_0430Ritualist Package
[&AgEBYAEAAA==]Ritualist Outfit
[&AgEPYAEAAA==]Ritualist Staff Skin
Mini Pets
2117961_0393Mini Skimmer Pup Reward Chest
2063935_0420Mini Black Skimmer Pup
2063935_0795Mini Blue Skimmer Pup
2063935_0289Mini Gold Skimmer Pup
2063935_0506Mini Green Skimmer Pup
2063935_0988Mini Iceberg Skimmer Pup
2063935_0785Mini Lantern Skimmer Pup
2063935_0482Mini Orange Skimmer Pup
2063935_0545Mini Purple Skimmer Pup
2063935_0578Mini Silver Skimmer Pup
2063935_0925Mini White Skimmer Pup
2110343_0989Elonian Adversaries Dye Pack
2110343_0832This package contains 5 different dye kits inspired by locations and enemies encountered throughout Living World Season 4 Each kit contains one random armor dye from a pool of 25 colors that includes exclusive colors.
2117960_0199This unusual material can be used in the Mystic Forge to craft Riftstalker weaponry.
2117960_0368Mists Rift Waypoint
[&CsohAAA=]Rifstalker's Talon
[&CswhAAA=]Rifstalker's Core
[&Cs8hAAA=]Rifstalker's Sunderer
Portal Device
2110342_0010Maguuma Pact Operation Portal Device
2110342_0774Double-click to bring up the Portal Device interface. Allows the monitoring of Pact operations in Heart of Maguuma, toggling of alerts, and portal travel to join Pact forces.
2110342_0294Pact assistance requested! Chak Gerent Defense begins in 10 minutes.
2110343_0033Pact assistance requested! Crash Site Aid needed in 10 minutes.
2110343_0645Pact assistance requested! Daytime Deployment begins in 10 minutes.
2110342_0325Pact assistance requested! Nighttime Deployment begins in 10 minutes.
2107458_0909Pact assistance requested! Sandstorm Relief needed in 10 minutes.
2110343_0424Pact assistance requested! Tarir Assault Reinforcements needed in 10 minutes.
2107458_0861Pact assistance requested! Tarir Defense Prep needed in 10 minutes.
2110343_0084Pact assistance requested! The Assault on Mordremoth begins in 10 minutes.
2110342_0430Pact assistance requested! The Tarir Octovine Assault begins in 5 minutes.