Upcoming features from the April 23 patch
Tuesday 23rd of April 2019

Balance update today with some new gemstore deals and lots of expensive infusions in the new bonus event reward boxes!



Purple Mask
[&CtEhAAA=]Glowing Purple Mask (light)
[&Ct4hAAA=]Glowing Purple Mask (medium)
[&CuUhAAA=]Glowing Purple Mask (heavy)
2110342_0900Thank you for subscribing to the Guild Wars 2 newsletter! Attached is your free gift, a Glowing Purple Mask skin. You can double-click this item to apply it to any one helmet your character wears. Its appearance will be unlocked in your wardrobe, where you can apply it to any helm item on your account using transmutation charges.
[&AgEzYAEAAA==]Exotic Breeds Mount Select License
[&AgE1YAEAAA==]Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License
2076144_0649Alloyed Irontail
2076144_0054Alloyed Quicksilver
2076144_0323Arctic Icewing
2076144_0592Brisban Brushtail
2076144_0134Exalted Gate Guardian
2076144_0231Kournan Bright-Tail
2076144_0611Masked Runner
2070019_0858Ntouka Snakeshell
2070019_0874Primordial Raptor
2076144_0078Sand Souled
2070019_0935Savannah Stripetail
2076144_0508Spotted Orchid
2076144_0547Vabbian Lightpaw
[&AgE9YAEAAA==]Etherbound Gauntlets
[&CtIhAAA=]Etherbound Footwear (heavy only for now)
War Eternal
[&AgFFYAEAAA==]War Eternal Supply Drop Requisition
90181The War Eternal Supply DropUse this to sign your account up for weekly War Eternal Supply Drops. Receive the first immediately and three more between now and May 21.First Drop:Exotic Breeds Mount Select License, a choice of one Desert Racer, Distant Lands, or Istani Isles mount select license or an Exotic Breeds Mount Adoption License, the Elonian Adversaries Dye Pack, and one Mini Green Raptor Hatchling, Mini Yellow Jackal Pup, Mini Red Griffon Hatchling, Mini Brown Springer Kit, and Mini Blue Skimmer Pup.Second Drop:Black Lion Outfit Voucher, Onyx and Gold Lion Weapon Choice, and 2 Black Lion Miniature Claim Tickets.Third Drop:Black Lion Backpack and Glider Voucher, Communal Boost Bonfire, 2 Heroic Boosters, 5 Black Lion Statuettes.Fourth Drop:Branded Weapon Select Box, 2 Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlocks, 5 Black Lion Chest Keys.
Branded Weapons
2117961_0715Branded Weapon Select Box
[&CtYhAAA=]Branded Axe
[&CuchAAA=]Branded Dagger
[&CuIhAAA=]Branded Focus
[&CtUhAAA=]Branded Greatsword
[&CtwhAAA=]Branded Hammer
[&CtghAAA=]Branded Longbow
[&CukhAAA=]Branded Mace
[&CtchAAA=]Branded Pistol
[&CuQhAAA=]Branded Rifle
[&CuMhAAA=]Branded Scepter
[&Ct8hAAA=]Branded Shield
[&CtkhAAA=]Branded Short Bow
[&CtQhAAA=]Branded Staff
[&CuEhAAA=]Branded Sword
[&CtshAAA=]Branded Torch
[&CughAAA=]Branded Warhorn
Bonus events
[&AgE3YAEA]Bonus Box of Goods [»]
2124325_0097Defeat world bosses around Tyria to earn bonus rewards!
2124325_0197Bonus Event: Map Event Rush
2124325_0290Bonus Event: World Boss Rush
Mini Pets
2117961_0007Ranger Miniatures