Upcoming features from the June 25 patch
Tuesday 25th of June 2019

Dragon Bash has returned so here are the upcoming items and some WvW insanity



Dragon Fireworks
2150161_0133This package contains the Dragon Fireworks Glider and Dragon Fireworks Backpiece.
[&CmciAAA=]Dragon Fireworks Backpiece
2150161_0363Dragon Fireworks Glider
[&CoEiAAA=]Victorious Holographic Wings
[&AgGJZAEA]Holographic Dragon Helm
Asura Master Race
2156689_0314Inquest Overseer Chair Glider Combo
[&AgGMZAEAAA==]Inquest Overseer Glider
[&AgGbWwEAAA==]Inquest Overseer Chair
2156689_0430Command respect with the Inquest Overseer Chair Glider Combo!
2150160_0230Skyscale Horns Package
[&AgG2ZAEAAA==]Luminous Skyscale Horns
[&AgG/ZAEAAA==]Skyscale Horns
2163591_0800Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack
[&AgHOZAEAAA==]Bioluminescent Skyscale Skin
[&AgHaZAEAAA==]Axejaw Skyscale Skin
[&AgHjZAEAAA==]Caldera Skyscale Skin
[&AgHpZAEAAA==]Branded Skyscale Skin
[&AgGyZAEAAA==]Flare-Marked Skyscale Skin
2015904_0865Double-click to apply to an unused infusion slot. May cause slight discomfort.
2022777_0006Crystal Infusion of Power
Bioluminescent Weapons
2117961_0056Bioluminescent Axe
2117960_0063Bioluminescent Dagger
2117959_0363Bioluminescent Focus
2117960_0563Bioluminescent Greatsword
2117959_0162Bioluminescent Hammer
2117959_0814Bioluminescent Longbow
2117960_0067Bioluminescent Mace
2117959_0337Bioluminescent Pistol
2117960_0332Bioluminescent Rifle
2117960_0886Bioluminescent Scepter
2117959_0718Bioluminescent Shield
2117960_0635Bioluminescent Short Bow
2117960_0589Bioluminescent Staff
2117960_0699Bioluminescent Sword
2117959_0145Bioluminescent Torch
2117960_0313Bioluminescent Warhorn
Holographic Weapons
[&CmQiAAA=]Holographic Bard
[&CoQiAAA=]Holographic Chaos
[&CooiAAA=]Holographic Chosen
[&CmwiAAA=]Holographic Colossus
[&Cm0iAAA=]Holographic Dawn
[&CmYiAAA=]Holographic Howl
[&Cn8iAAA=]Holographic Hunter
[&CnwiAAA=]Holographic Leaf
[&CogiAAA=]Holographic Legend
[&Co0iAAA=]Holographic Lover
[&CmUiAAA=]Holographic Spark
[&CmoiAAA=]Holographic Storm
[&Co4iAAA=]Holographic Zap
Mini Pet
2124325_0358Mini Bioluminescent Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0259Mini Blue Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0176Mini Copper Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0165Mini Gold Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0143Mini Gray Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0411Mini Green Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0272Mini Red Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0388Mini Silver Skyscale Hatchling
2124325_0348Mini Skyscale Ember Hatchling
2124325_0326Mini White Skyscale Hatchling
[&AgGRZAEA]Mini Dragon Gourdon
Dragon Bash
2142003_1007Minor Potion of Hologram Slaying
2142003_1016Recipe: Powerful Potion of Mordrem Slaying
2150161_0335Superior Sigil of Hologram Slaying
109817_0224Dragon Bash Fireworks
109818_0696Dragon Bash Hologram Projector
109841_1005Gilded Coffer
2029500_0493Dragon Bash Arena
2117961_0712Dragon Bash Returns Chest
2124325_0776Dragon's Tooth Lantern
2124325_0816Purple Dragon Target
2124325_0867Red Dragon Target
2124325_0986Blue Dragon Target
2142003_0072Dragon's Breath Lantern
2150160_0749Dragon Bash Regalia Coffer
2150160_0606World vs. World Core Swap
2142003_0399Core Swap is now active in World vs. World! Crush your enemies to gain access to their profession skills.
2117961_0633Party Commander
2150161_0645You are leaving the demo area. Return to the demo or you will be teleported back.