Upcoming features from the August 27 patch
Tuesday 27th of August 2019
Here are the new items and cooking supplies from today's patch.



2150161_0675Watchwork Wings Glider
[&CtMiAAA=]Watchwork Wings Backpack
[&AgGMZgEAAA==]Cube Matrix Glider
Mini Pet
[&AgFcpgAA]Mini Brown Bear Cub
New Horizons
[&AgFcZgEAAA==]New Horizons Mount Select License
[&AgGTZgEAAA==]New Horizons Mount Adoption License
[&AgHeZgEAAA==]New Horizons Supply Drop Requisition
2110343_0987Maguma Jackrabbit
2117959_0170Sun Stalker
2117959_0536Deep Desert Scarab
2117960_0076Luminous Ray
2117960_0084Arctic Razor
2117960_0232Crowned Skyfisher
2117960_0448Fulgurite Ridgeback
[&AgGqZgEAAA==]Pirate Captain's Chair
Endless Ocean
2163592_0596Endless Ocean Axe
2163591_0396Endless Ocean Dagger
2163592_0260Endless Ocean Focus
2156689_0582Endless Ocean Greatsword
2156689_0533Endless Ocean Hammer
2156689_0596Endless Ocean Longbow
2156689_0837Endless Ocean Mace
2163592_0016Endless Ocean Pistol
2156689_0481Endless Ocean Rifle
2156689_0931Endless Ocean Scepter
2163591_0534Endless Ocean Shield
2163592_0330Endless Ocean Short Bow
2163592_0575Endless Ocean Staff
2156689_0412Endless Ocean Sword
2156689_0681Endless Ocean Torch
2156689_0286Endless Ocean Warhorn
2163591_0733Endless Ocean Weapons
2175219_0028Enable Playtime Reminders
2179855_0346Earn bonus Path of Fire mastery experience this week!
2179855_0715Earn bonus Heart of Thorns mastery experience this week!
2186119_0465Earn bonus Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire mastery experience this fortnight!
[&AgFhZgEA]Portable Composter
2142003_0695Bottle of Simple Syrup
2156689_0981Bowl of Fruit Salad with Cilantro Garnish
2163592_0309Bowl of Fruit Salad with Mint Garnish
2163591_0082Bowl of Fruit Salad with Orange-Clove Syrup
2163592_0058Bowl of Sesame Fruit Salad
2156689_0783Bowl of Spiced Fruit Salad
1978273_0199Chef's Tasting Platter
2163592_0600Cilantro and Cured Meat Flatbread
2163592_0384Cilantro Lime Sous-Vide Steak
2163591_0124Clove and Veggie Flatbread
2163591_0674Clove-Spiced Creme Brulee
2156689_0341Clove-Spiced Eggs Benedict
2163591_0953Clove-Spiced Pear and Cured Meat Flatbread
2156689_0970Cultivated Clove
2163591_0037Cultivated Peppercorn
2163592_0308Cultivated Sesame Seed
2107458_0627Cut of Quality Red Meat
2163591_0898Eggs Benedict with Mint-Parsley Sauce
2179854_0586Exotic Extract of Nourishment
2179854_0717Exquisite Extract of Nourishment
2110343_0790Filet of Sous-Vide Meat
2107458_0209Fine Extract of Nourishment
2150161_0145Glob of Gelatin
2156689_0709Jar of Hollandaise Sauce
2150160_0791Jar of Mint-Parsley Sauce
2156689_0547Jar of Orange-Clove Syrup
2142003_0609Jar of Salsa Garnish
2150160_0732Jar of Sesame Syrup
2156689_0724Mango Cilantro Creme Brulee
2179854_0736Masterwork Extract of Nourishment
2163592_0534Mint and Veggie Flatbread
2163591_0390Mint Creme Brulee
2156689_0391Mint Strawberry Cheesecake
2163592_0661Mint-Pear Cured Meat Flatbread
2156689_0745Mushroom Clove Sous-Vide Steak
2163592_0165Orange Clove Cheesecake
2163591_0629Peppercorn and Veggie Flatbread
2156689_0492Peppercorn-Crusted Sous-Vide Steak
2163591_0504Peppercorn-Spiced Eggs Benedict
2156689_0243Peppered Cured Meat Flatbread
2110343_0970Piece of Cured Meat
2163592_0582Pile of Clove Spice Mix
2107458_0642Pile of Compost Starter
2179855_0903Pile of Enriched Compost
2156689_0051Pile of Powdered Gelatin Mix
2163591_0290Plate of Beef Carpaccio with Mint Garnish
2163592_0476Plate of Beef Carpaccio with Salsa Garnish
2163592_0580Plate of Clear Truffle and Cilantro Ravioli
2163592_0393Plate of Clear Truffle and Mint Ravioli
2163592_0672Plate of Clear Truffle and Sesame Ravioli
2163592_0192Plate of Clove-Spiced Beef Carpaccio
2163592_0572Plate of Clove-Spiced Clear Truffle Ravioli
2163592_0440Plate of Clove-Spiced Coq Au Vin
2163592_0205Plate of Clove-Spiced Poultry Aspic
2163591_0767Plate of Coq Au Vin with Mint Garnish
2163592_0346Plate of Coq Au Vin with Salsa
2156689_0244Plate of Eggs Benedict
109800_0007Plate of Lemongrass Poultry
2163592_0207Plate of Peppercorn-Spiced Beef Carpaccio
2163591_0750Plate of Peppercorn-Spiced Coq Au Vin
2163591_0631Plate of Peppercorn-Spiced Poultry Aspic
2156689_0903Plate of Peppered Clear Truffle Ravioli
2163592_0564Plate of Poultry Aspic with Mint Garnish
2163591_0825Plate of Poultry Aspic with Salsa Garnish
2163592_0300Plate of Sesame Poultry Aspic
2156689_0941Plate of Sesame-Crusted Coq Au Vin
2156689_0771Plate of Sesame-Ginger Beef Carpaccio
2179854_0110Rare Extract of Nourishment
2163591_0878Salsa Eggs Benedict
2163591_0123Salsa-Topped Veggie Flatbread
2156689_0305Sesame Cheesecake
2156689_0436Sesame Creme Brulee
2163591_0164Sesame Eggs Benedict
2163591_0706Sesame Veggie Flatbread
2163592_0083Sesame-Asparagus and Cured Meat Flatbread
2156689_0256Sous-Vide Steak with Mint-Parsley Sauce
2163592_0652Soy-Sesame Sous-Vide Steak
2156689_0441Spherified Cilantro Oyster Soup
2163591_0732Spherified Clove-Spiced Oyster Soup
2163591_0563Spherified Oyster Soup with Mint Garnish
2163591_0545Spherified Peppercorn-Spiced Oyster Soup
2163591_0644Spherified Sesame Oyster Soup
2163592_0045Spiced Pepper Creme Brulee
2156689_0545Spiced Peppercorn Cheesecake
2163591_0857Strawberry Cilantro Cheesecake
2175220_0182Varietal Cilantro Seed
2175219_0002Varietal Clove Seed
2175220_0077Varietal Mint Seed
2175220_0213Varietal Peppercorn Seed
2175219_0429Varietal Sesame Seed