Upcoming features from the October 15 patch
Tuesday 15th of October 2019
Halloween is here and these are the new items from today's patch.



Skeletal Wings
[&AgHYZwEAAA==]Skeletal Wings Backpack
[&AgHuZwEAAA==]Skeletal Wings Glider
2179853_0274Mad King Mounts Pack
[&AgH8ZwEAAA==]Mad King Griffon Skin
[&AgEZaAEAAA==]Mad King Jackal Skin
[&AgEdaAEAAA==]Mad King Raptor Skin
[&AgH5ZwEAAA==]Mad King Skimmer Skin
[&AgEAaAEAAA==]Mad King Springer Skin
Mini Pets
[&AgHOZwEA]Mini Altosius the Flame Raven
[&AgHyZwEA]Mini Mad Memories: Complete Ignition
[&AgHPZwEA]Mini Mad Memories: Complete Edition
[&AgH2ZwEA]Mini Mad Memoires
Extra Life
2207888_0699ArenaNet is supporting Children's Miracle Network during this year's Extra Life gaming marathon, and we want to thank everyone for being part of our community during this event! Join us now at http://extra-life.org/arenanet to be a part of Extra Life 2019!
[no code]Extra Life Donation Bundle
[&AgHTZwEAAA==]Temporary Selfless Potion
[&AgEHaAEAAA==]Mini Guardian Angel Aurene
[&AgEjaAEAAA==]Extra Life Karma Booster
2179853_0153Update in: _
2179854_0218Donations collected (USD): $_
2179854_0056Travel to Lion's Arch to see donation updates and claim your Extra Life Bonus effects.
Reaper's Weapons
2196166_0291Seven Reapers Axe
2196166_0013Seven Reapers Dagger
2196166_0144Seven Reapers Focus
2196166_0163Seven Reapers Greatsword
2196166_0073Seven Reapers Hammer
2192300_1020Seven Reapers Longbow
2196166_0141Seven Reapers Mace
2196166_0168Seven Reapers Pistol
2196166_0219Seven Reapers Rifle
2196166_0147Seven Reapers Scepter
2192300_0926Seven Reapers Shield
2192300_0972Seven Reapers Short Bow
2196166_0086Seven Reapers Staff
2196166_0152Seven Reapers Sword
2196166_0104Seven Reapers Torch
2196166_0276Seven Reapers Warhorn
2196166_0215Seven Reapers Weapons
Royal Flame
2196166_0495Royal Flame Axe
2196166_0793Royal Flame Dagger
2196166_0725Royal Flame Focus
2196166_0551Royal Flame Greatsword
2196166_0333Royal Flame Hammer
2196166_0601Royal Flame Longbow
2196166_0557Royal Flame Mace
2196166_0717Royal Flame Pistol
2196166_0814Royal Flame Rifle
2196166_0602Royal Flame Scepter
2196166_0423Royal Flame Shield
2196166_0351Royal Flame Short Bow
2196166_0622Royal Flame Staff
2196166_0641Royal Flame Sword
2196166_0769Royal Flame Torch
2196166_0421Royal Flame Warhorn
2196166_0716Royal Flame Weapon Coffer
[&AgHKZwEA]Gray Cat's-Eye Pendant
2175219_0287Become a cat. Meow.
2207888_0302Combat Tonic: Double-click to transform into a cat.
[&AgH3ZwEA]Fiesty Feline Tonic
Halloween Skins
[&CicjAAA=]Carapace of Chaos
[&CiMjAAA=]Ghostly Racing Scarf (Heavy)
[&Ci0jAAA=]Ghostly Racing Scarf (Light)
[&ChgjAAA=]Ghostly Racing Scarf (Medium)
[&CgUjAAA=]Last Rites
[&CggjAAA=]Pumpkin Crown (Heavy)
[&CgYjAAA=]Pumpkin Crown (Light)
[&CggjAAA=]Pumpkin Crown (Medium)
[&CgcjAAA=]Searing Chain Gloves (Heavy)
[&Ch0jAAA=]Searing Chain Gloves (Light)
[&ChojAAA=]Searing Chain Gloves (Medium)
2207887_0513Visage of Madness
2207887_0845Invitation to the Mad Realm
2196166_0913The doorway to the Mad Realm is closed until Halloween.
2196166_0995Invitation to the Festival of the Four Winds
2196166_0975Double-click during Festival of the Four Winds to travel to Labyrinthine Cliffs. If you are already in Labyrinthine Cliffs, you will be returned to your homeland.
2207887_0021Invitation to Dragon Bash
2207888_0098Double-click during Dragon Bash to travel to Hoelbrak. If you are already in Hoelbrak, you will be returned to your homeland.
2207887_0540Dragon Bash has not yet begun.
2207887_0874Invitation to Wintersday
2207888_0216Double-click during Wintersday to travel to Divinity's Reach. If you are already in Divinity's Reach, you will be returned to your homeland.
2207887_0902Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival
2207887_0667Double-click during the Super Adventure Festival to travel directly to the Super Adventure Box. If you are already in the Super Adventure Box, you will be returned to your homeland.
2207888_0245Invitation to Lunar New Year
2207888_0275Double-click during Lunar New Year to travel to Divinity's Reach. If you are already in Divinity's Reach, you will be returned to your homeland.
[&AgHMZwEA]Invitation to the Party
2207888_0358Double-click during any festival to travel to the festival's location. If you are already at the festival, you will be returned to your homeland.