Upcoming features from the October 29 patch
Tuesday 29th of October 2019
Build templates are here.



Primal Warden
[no code]Primal Warden Appearance Package
[&AgEoaAEAAA==]Primal Warden Outfit
[&AgEvaAEAAA==]Great Lodge Chair
Build Templates
[no code]Build and Equipment Expansion Package
[&AgEuaAEAAA==]Build Storage Expansion
[&AgExaAEAAA==]Build Template Expansion
[&AgEraAEAAA==]Equipment Template Expansion
Dye Kits
[&AgEpaAEAAA==]Norn Dye Kit
2207887_0199Havroun Dye
2207887_0256Hunt Dye
2207887_0281Alemoot Dye
2207887_0307Exodus Dye
2207887_0661Legend Dye
2207888_0290Spirits Dye
Build Templates
2085251_0566Build Template is incompatible with your currently equipped weapon. Weapon skills are temporarily unavailable while this build is active.
2085251_0863Build Template contains untrained revenant legends.
2101150_0418Build Template contains elements requiring Guild Wars 2 content you do not currently own.
2101151_0136Build Template contains elements that are not available at your current level.
2101151_0380Build Template contains skills you have yet to train.
2101151_0602Build Template contains specializations you have yet to train.
2101151_0660Build Template contains pets that you have not tamed.
2101152_0235Build Template contains elements that cannot be used in the current game mode.
2101152_0526Build Template contains traits you have yet to train.
2101152_0776Build Template is invalid.
2101152_0912Build Template contains elements that can't be used by your character's race.
2101152_0984Build Template is incompatible with your current profession.
2156689_0249Build Template Expansion
2156689_0996No additional Build Template tabs are available to purchase. Thank you for your support of Guild Wars 2!