Upcoming features from the December 3 patch
Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

 Small patch but they've finally released the dynamic UI and back-pack dye channels.



Home Instance
[&AgELaQEAAA==]Black Lion Industry Board
2229394_0623This adds a Black Lion Industry Board to your home instance. The board can be used to collect basic crafting materials of your choice. Each delivery has a small chance of containing surplus goods. Resource types include the following: • Cloth Scraps • Leather Sections • Metal Ore • Wood Logs • Jewels
[&AgEAaQEA]Basic Guild Cape
[&AgFuaQEAAA==]Emblazoned Cape
[&AgE4aQEAAA==]Dreamwalker Dagger
[&AgFiaQEA]Tournament Title Scroll: Tournament Test Subject
Dynamic UI
2179855_1009A balanced selection of elements that show or hide based on being in or out of combat.
2179855_1003Always Show (Default)
2179855_0909Controls the visibility of screen-edge effects from damage and conditions.
2179855_0662Controls the visibility of the compass UI elements.
2179855_0417Controls the visibility of the selected target's UI.
2186119_0164Controls the visibility of UI elements specific to competitive modes.
2186119_0118Controls the visibility of WvW-specific UI elements.
2179855_0744Controls visibility of content guide, objectives, watch list achievements, world events, and map events.
2186119_0278Controls visibility of party, raid, and squad UI elements.
2179855_0695Controls visibility of reward chests, loot notifications, and achievement celebration UI elements.
2179855_0659Controls visibility of the character skill bar, status effect icons, and special action skill UI elements. Does not include the mount skill bar.
2186119_0199Controls visibility of the Chat panel element. Other players will still be able to send messages to you.
2179855_0415Controls visibility of the Menu bar located in the upper-left of the screen.
2179855_0258Controls visibility of the mount skill bar, status effect icons, and special action skill UI elements while mounted.
2186119_0272Dynamic Context
2179855_0404Dynamic HUD
2179855_0792Dynamic HUD Mode
2186119_0039Element will always be visible.
2179855_0426Element will be visible while engaged in combat and hides when out of combat. Using the toggle key will temporarily override this behavior.
2179855_0890Element will be visible while out of combat and hides when engaged in combat. Using the toggle key will temporarily override this behavior.
2179855_0875Element will never be visible unless directly interacted with. Using the toggle key will temporarily override this behavior.
2179855_0781Hides all UI elements.
2213351_0247If checked, the key bind associated with "Show Ally Names" can be held down to display any hidden UI elements.
2179855_0490Mount Skill Bar
2179855_0511Never Show
2179855_0246Only shows combat-related UI when you are engaged in combat.
2179855_0163Only shows minimal combat-related UI while in combat, hides all other UI elements.
2179855_0557Screen-Edge Effects
2179855_0333Select from one of the preset configurations, or customize your options below.
2179855_0224Show all UI elements. The standard Guild Wars 2 experience.
2179855_0160Show Only in Combat
2186119_0029Show Only out of Combat
2179855_0502Shows and hides different elements based on whether you are in or out of combat.
2186119_0128Temporarily Show UI for Notifications
2179855_0367Temporarily shows the UI when important notifications occur.
2213351_1019Use "Show Ally Names" Key Bind