Upcoming features from the February 25 patch
Tuesday 25th of February 2020
Here are the new items from today's update



[&AgEfawEAAA==]Kasmeer's Regalia Cape
Maguuma Skins
[&AgHJagEAAA==]Maguuma's Grasp Skin
[&AgH+agEAAA==]Maguuma's Mantle Skin
[&AgHcagEAAA==]Glacial Mining Tool
[&AgEZawEA]Glyph of Overload
[&AgHnagEAAA==]War-Torn Marauder Warclaw Skin
[&AgHGagEAAA==]Guildrider Warclaw Skin
[&AgHHagEAAA==]Guildrider Warclaw Skin Reward Track
[&AgHYagEAAA==]Compendium of Masteries
Warlord Light
[&CgkkAAA=]Warlord's Crown
[&CgckAAA=]Warlord's Epaulets
[&CgQkAAA=]Warlord's Raiment
[&CgskAAA=]Warlord's Armguards
[&Cg4kAAA=]Warlord's Leggings
[&Cv8jAAA=]Warlord's Footgear
Warlord Medium
[&Cv4jAAA=]Warlord's Cap
[&Cg0kAAA=]Warlord's Shoulderguards
[&ChIkAAA=]Warlord's Brigandine
[&CgAkAAA=]Warlord's Wristplates
[&ChAkAAA=]Warlord's Legguards
[&CgUkAAA=]Warlord's Shinplates
Warlord Heavy
[&CgEkAAA=]Open Warlord's Plate Helm
[&ChEkAAA=]Warlord's Plate Helm
[&ChMkAAA=]Warlord's Pauldrons
[&ChQkAAA=]Warlord's Breastplate
[&ChUkAAA=]Warlord's Gauntlets
[&ChYkAAA=]Warlord's Legplates
[&CgIkAAA=]Warlord's Wargreaves
Reward Tracks
2261734_0283Reward Track Vendor • Buy Reward Tracks • Sell Items
[&AgGqagEA]Title: 2v2 Elite
New Player Experience
[&AgEEawEA]Explorer's Booster
[&AgHDagEA]Explorer's Box
2248469_0755Double-click to open. Contains a choice of a level 10 Enhanced Mighty weapon, 3 choices of dye unlocks, 5 transmutation charges, and a Royal Terrace two-week pass.
[&AgEOawEA]Beginner Map Portal Note
2256536_0951Using your Portal Note will take you to one of these places for free, but you can also instantly go to any unlocked waypoint for a fee just by clicking it on your world map. The greater the distance, the larger the fee. Some may even be "contested" by events, which block travel until they're resolved.
2261734_0519Revert all the recent changes you made while viewing this Build Template. This feature will be temporarily locked if you enter combat while editing a Build Template.