Play Inventory Manager right now!
Thursday 1st of April 2021

Does your inventory look like a landfill? Then I’ve got the perfect tool for you to get a grip on your life!

Play Inventory Manager right now!


  • Large quantities of useless rewards.
  • Endless repetition.
  • Horizontal sliders that will go both left and right.
  • Loot boxes.
  • Endless repetition.
  • And many other exciting features that probably will never be released.

How to use

  • Select your favorite amount of items and current bag size to get started
  • If two or more items are adjacent to each other just click on them to sell
  • Compact bags will trigger automatically! Wow!
  • If you have enabled the “Automatic Refill” option the manager will automatically insert new items when you no longer are able to sell them.
  • You will fail your cleanup attempt if you can’t sell any items with Automatic Refill disabled or when the - Automatic Refill hits the right side of your bag.
  • Gain a free Shaman Lootbox Key every time you manage to fully clear your inventory.
  • No refunds.

Known bugs

  • The automatic refill animation for two (or more) columns can be a bit abrupt.
  • Some of the more exotic lootbox drops won’t stack.
  • Playing full screen probably won’t work on iOS because Apple.
  • Does not work on Internet Explorer or a TI-89 series calculator.
  • Tengu haven’t been fully implemented yet.
  • TODO: list all bugs as features.