Upcoming features from the May 25 patch
Tuesday 25th of May 2021

Season 2 has finally launched?




[&AgEfcwEA]Fragment of Prismatic Light
2449537_0074Unlocks your choice of an End of Dragons Legendary Precursor weapon. Redeemable in End of Dragons. Once this item has been acquired, it can be safely sold or discarded.
[&AgEzcwEA]Prismatic Champion's Inheritance
2449537_0213Double-click to gain the legendary amulet Prismatic Champion's Regalia.
[&AgEacwEAAA==]Shatterspark Shoulders Skin
[&AgEwcwEAAA==]Mossback Skimmer Skin
[&ChUnAAA=]Starborn Cape
Living World
2441711_0153A bonus event for returning to Living World story chapter missions and maps is active this week! In case you don't own the related episodes yet, here are free unlocks.
2449536_0524Return to the Living World Story
2441713_0032Return to Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement
2441711_0617Return to The Dragon's Reach
2441711_1013Return to Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths
2441711_1000Return to Seeds of Truth and Point of No Return
2441711_0340Return to Out of the Shadows
2441712_0983Return to Rising Flames
2441712_0982Return to A Crack in the Ice
2441713_0345Return to The Head of the Snake
2441712_0430Return to Flashpoint
2441713_0918Return to One Path Ends
Fractal Rush
[&AgElcwEA]Fractal Troubleshooter's Star
2441712_0489Rush Merchant
2441687_0529Fractal Rush Rewards
2441687_0889Fractal Rush Trophy
2441711_0819Fractal Rush Global Ranks
2441711_0861Earn Fractal Rush Trophies by completing fractals, and trade them to vendors for prizes and global progress!
Mists Arena
2441645_0971Mists Arena Spectator Rally Point
2441646_0050Mists Arena Red Team Rally Point
2441646_0249Mists Arena Blue Team Rally Point
2441646_0512You must be a member of a Mists Arena team to set foot in the Arena. Commune with a team flag to choose one.
2441650_0261You must be a member of a Mists Arena team to set foot in the Arena.
2441620_0744Battle-Hardened Kit
2441621_0800Contains PvP and WvW Reward Track progress, food, and valuable items. Double-click to open.
[&AgEqcwEA]32-Slot Hero's Trusty Backpack
2441713_0090Community Warlord
2441714_0573Community Hero
2441714_0769Community Drift Master
[&AgEXcwEA]Pact Fleet Weapon Cache
[&AgErcwEA]Ley Line Weapon Cache