Upcoming features from the July 27 patch
Tuesday 27th of July 2021

Pre-orders for End of Dragons will go live soon, I've also updated the countdown timer for it to February 2022.




End of Dragons
[no code]Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons—Deluxe Upgrade
[no code]Upgrade your Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons edition to Digital Deluxe and receive the following in-game items: • Additional Character Slot • Identity Repair Kit • Shing Jea Dragon Boat Skin • Canthan Raptor Skin. Items will be delivered next time you log in.
2441698_0357Three Adventures. One Price. Buy End of Dragons and get Heart of Thorns and Path of Fire FREE
[no code]End of Dragons Preparation Pack
2441691_0388Prodigy of Shing Jea
2441691_0067Canthan Raptor
[&CksnAAA=]Shing Jea Mosaic Cape
[&AgGmcwEAAA==]Fox Spirit Glider
[&AgG3cwEAAA==]Swaggering Boots Skin
[&AgGtcwEAAA==]Infernal Roar Warhorn Skin
[&AgG7cwEAAA==]Build and Equipment Template Bundle
Flame Serpent Skins
[&ClEnAAA=]Flame Serpent Axe
[&CkwnAAA=]Flame Serpent Dagger
[&CkUnAAA=]Flame Serpent Focus
[&ClMnAAA=]Flame Serpent Greatsword
[&ClAnAAA=]Flame Serpent Hammer
[&ClInAAA=]Flame Serpent Longbow
[&CkEnAAA=]Flame Serpent Mace
[&CkonAAA=]Flame Serpent Pistol
[&CkMnAAA=]Flame Serpent Rifle
[&CkgnAAA=]Flame Serpent Scepter
[&CkYnAAA=]Flame Serpent Shield
[&Ck8nAAA=]Flame Serpent Short Bow
[&CkInAAA=]Flame Serpent Staff
[&Ck0nAAA=]Flame Serpent Sword
[&Cj8nAAA=]Flame Serpent Torch
[&CkAnAAA=]Flame Serpent Warhorn
Return to Living World
[&AgGgcwEA]Plasma Weapon Cache
[&AgG/cwEA]Glittering Weapon Cache
Living World Season 4
2467977_0343Living World Return: Daybreak
2467979_0117Living World Return: A Bug in the System
2467977_1015Living World Return: Daybreak (bug: should be Long Live the Lich)
2467977_0915Living World Return: A Star to Guide Us
2467978_0070Living World Return: All or Nothing
2467977_0336Living World Return: War Eternal
Living World Icebrood Saga
2467978_0173Living World Return: Bound by Blood
2467978_0300Living World Return: Whisper in the Dark
2467978_0265Living World Return: Shadow in the Ice
2461332_0942Living World Return: Steel and Fire
2467977_0648Living World Return: No Quarter
2467977_0700Living World Return: Jormag Rising
2467977_0082Living World Return: Champions
World Boss Rush
2461331_0758During the Rush event, defeat world bosses to gain bonus rewards!
2461331_0772World Boss Rush Participant
2461331_0873World Boss Rush Champion
[&AgGkcwEA]Pact Vigilance Signet