Upcoming features from the December 14 patch
Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Happy Lunar New Year Wintersday!

  • This will be the very last patch before End of Dragons releases (bug fixes aside)
    • Lunar New Year is already included in this patch.
    • The gemstore is filled with new items until March.
    • They have also filled the returning gemstore schedule up until June.
  • It's expected to release somewhere two months from now.
  • Because the gemstore schedule of the previous patches already gave me a headache (and this one would be impossible to do in the old format) I've built a new page that will automatically show the latest information available. It's still a work in progress but the best I could do on very short notice to further automate things.

Last but not least,

Enjoy the holidays and see you all in Cantha!




[&AgFVdQEAAA==]Diamond Throne
[&AgEVdQEAAA==]Plushy Raptor Skin
[&AgEkdQEAAA==]Aurene Wings Backpack
[no code]Aurene Wings Backpack and Glider Combo
[&AgFbdQEAAA==]Aurene Wings Glider
[&CuonAAA=]Embellished Wintersday Gift Bag
[&AgEsdQEA]Mini Wintersday Cheer Freezie
[&CuknAAA=]Custom Candy Cane Hammer
[&CtInAAA=]Wintergreen Custom Candy Cane Hammer
Lunar New Year
[&CrgnAAA=]Primal Tiger Hood (Light)
[&Cr8nAAA=]Primal Tiger Hood (Medium)
[&CugnAAA=]Primal Tiger Hood (Heavy)
[&AgEbdQEA]Mini Lunar Tiger
2498769_0852Visage of the Great Tiger Fireworks
2498769_0758Celebrate the New Year of the Tiger
[&CusnAAA=]Lunar Backpack
[&Ct4nAAA=]Lucky Tiger Lantern
[&CscnAAA=]Lucky Great Tiger Lantern
[no code]White Tiger Appearance Package
[&AgEhdQEAAA==]White Tiger Weapon Choice
[&AgEjdQEAAA==]White Tiger Outfit
[&AgFWdQEAAA==]White Tiger Jackal Skin
2491732_0671White Tiger Appearance Package
White Tiger Weapons
2491732_0780White Tiger Weapon Choice
[&CrwnAAA=]White Tiger Axe
[&CsUnAAA=]White Tiger Dagger
[&CvEnAAA=]White Tiger Focus
[&CtcnAAA=]White Tiger Greatsword
[&CuwnAAA=]White Tiger Hammer
[&CtUnAAA=]White Tiger Longbow
[&Cu0nAAA=]White Tiger Mace
[&CsonAAA=]White Tiger Pistol
[&Cs4nAAA=]White Tiger Rifle
[&CuUnAAA=]White Tiger Scepter
[&CswnAAA=]White Tiger Shield
[&CrsnAAA=]White Tiger Short Bow
[&Ct0nAAA=]White Tiger Staff
[&CsMnAAA=]White Tiger Sword
[&Ct8nAAA=]White Tiger Torch
[&Cs0nAAA=]White Tiger Warhorn
[&CuAnAAA=]Grenth's Vow
[&CsknAAA=]Dwayna's Promise
[&CtMnAAA=]Gatherer's Fortune
[&AgFJdQEA]Crescent Steel
[&AgFPdQEAAA==]Ravensoul Greatsword
[&AgEydQEAAA==]Eternal Eclipse Scepter Skin
[&AgFMdQEAAA==]Foefire Mask Helm Skin
[&AgEJdQEAAA==]Raven Gloves Skin
[&AgESdQEAAA==]Icy Demon Horns Helm Skin
[&AgEddQEA]Plush Mordy
[&AgFQdQEA]Plush Jorms
[&AgE7dQEAAA==]Shatterspark Cape
[&AgFHdQEAAA==]Shatterspark Sword Skin
Abyss Stalker Weapons
[&Cu4nAAA=]Abyss Stalker Axe
[&CuInAAA=]Abyss Stalker Dagger
[&CsInAAA=]Abyss Stalker Focus
[&CsgnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Greatsword
[&CtonAAA=]Abyss Stalker Hammer
[&CuEnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Longbow
[&CtwnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Mace
[&CrYnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Pistol
[&CtsnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Rifle
[&CsAnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Scepter
[&CsEnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Shield
[&CronAAA=]Abyss Stalker Short Bow
[&CvAnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Staff
[&CssnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Sword
[&CtQnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Torch
[&CsQnAAA=]Abyss Stalker Warhorn
[&AgFQNwEAAA==]Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock
2571769_0802This service is temporarily unavailable. Restarting your game client may resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.