Upcoming features from the May 10 patch
Tuesday 10th of May 2022

These are the new items and features from today's patch.



[&AgEYfwEAAA==]Jade Tech Skiff Skin
[no code]Canthan Tigris Griffon Mounts Pack
[&AgEXfwEAAA==]Canthan Tigris Griffon Skin
[&AgEbfwEAAA==]Qinkaishi Tigris Griffon Skin
[&AgEcfwEAAA==]Blazing Tigris Griffon Skin
[&AgEZfwEAAA==]Infinite Fishing Lure
2672875_0670This item replaces your fishing lure on any character. It has unlimited uses, grants +100 fishing power, and works at all fishable locations.
Fishing Rod
[&AgEgfwEAAA==]Jade Tech Fishing Rod Skin
[&AgEffwEA]Aetherblade Shank
[&AgEhfwEAAA==]Jade Tech Eye Piece Helm Skin
New Player Experience
2660764_0916The Raptor
2660764_0798Mount Trial Activated
2660764_0894Mount Trial Expired
2672875_0109You have temporary access to the raptor mount! Press the __ key to mount. Pressing __ again will dismount.
2672875_0163Thank you for participating in the raptor mount trial! The trial period has expired, but you can get permanent access to your very own raptor by upgrading your Guild Wars 2 account by clicking the ribbon in the upper left.
2672875_0318Road test the raptor! For the next 10 hours of gameplay, you can explore Tyria with the help of its high-speed running and long jumps. Upgrade to a full Guild Wars 2 account to unlock this swift and agile companion permanently!
2672875_0465To further train the raptor's mobility and combat skills, accounts must have the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion unlocked.
2672875_0113Raptor Access Expired