Upcoming features from the July 7 patch
Tuesday 7th of June 2022

A bit later than usual but I kind of forgot it was patch day ¯\(ツ)/¯



Mini Pet
[&AgGgfwEA]Mini Husky Dog
[&AgGKfwEA]Mini Brown Tabby Cat
[no code]Canthan Noble Skyscale Mounts Pack
[&AgGSfwEAAA==]Canthan Noble Skyscale Skin
[&AgGQfwEAAA==]Hundred Petals Noble Skyscale Skin
[&AgGWfwEAAA==]Heavenly Thunder Noble Skyscale Skin
[no code]Magical Unicorn Horn Set
[&AgF0fwEAAA==]Magical Unicorn Horn Helm Skin
[&AgGVfwEAAA==]Unicorn Horn Helm Skin
Mystical Dragon Horns
[&Cl8qAAA=]Mystical Dragon Horns (Heavy)
[&CnMqAAA=]Mystical Dragon Horns (Light)
[&CmEqAAA=]Mystical Dragon Horns (Heavy)
[&AgF4fwEAAA==]Seven-Branched Sword Skin
Dragon Bash
2678770_0174Holographic Dragon Greaves Box
[&CmMqAAA=]Holographic Dragon Greaves (Medium)
[&CnsqAAA=]Holographic Dragon Greaves (Heavy)
[&CnIqAAA=]Holographic Dragon Greaves (Light)
[&AgF/fwEA]Dragon Bash Prize Coffer
[&AgGlfwEA]Draketalon Weapon Chest
[&CmkqAAA=]Draketalon Culverin
[&CmoqAAA=]Draketalon Partisan
[&CnYqAAA=]Draketalon Cleaver
Dragon Bone
2678770_0472Dragonbone Chest
[&CmIqAAA=]Dragonbone Axe
[&Cl0qAAA=]Dragonbone Blunderbuss
[&CncqAAA=]Dragonbone Dagger
[&Cm8qAAA=]Dragonbone Focus
[&CnoqAAA=]Dragonbone Greatsword
[&CnAqAAA=]Dragonbone Hammer
[&ClwqAAA=]Dragonbone Longbow
[&CnkqAAA=]Dragonbone Mace
[&Cm0qAAA=]Dragonbone Pistol
[&CmsqAAA=]Dragonbone Scepter
[&CmwqAAA=]Dragonbone Shield
[&CnUqAAA=]Dragonbone Short Bow
[&CmcqAAA=]Dragonbone Staff
[&CmAqAAA=]Dragonbone Sword
[&CngqAAA=]Dragonbone Torch
[&CnQqAAA=]Dragonbone Warhorn
2685795_0067Racing Checkpoint Projector
2685795_0097Racing Power-Up Projector
2685795_0101Holographic Track Long Straightaway
2685795_0208Holographic Track Upward Left Curve
2685795_0332Holographic Track Upward Ramp
2685795_0435Holographic Track Left Curve
2685795_0498Holographic Track Straightaway
2685795_0748Holographic Track Upward Right Curve
2685795_0810Holographic Track Right Curve
2685795_0861Holographic Track Downward Left Curve
2694623_0369Holographic Track Downward Right Curve
2685795_0892Cursor Contrast
2694623_0435By default, the cursor is shown with low contrast.
2694623_0050By default, the cursor is shown with no extra contrast.
2685795_0528By default, the cursor is shown with high contrast.
2685795_0732If checked, the key bind associated with "Show Ally Names" can be held down to show the mouse cursor with high contrast.
2685795_0958Chest of Dungeoneering
[&AgF9fwEA]300 Tales of Dungeoneering