Upcoming features from the October 4 patch
Tuesday 4th of October 2022

Competitive skill balance patch today! My gemstore schedule page also received a major update today it now fully supports 🇩🇪 German, 🇫🇷 French and 🇪🇸 Spanish as well!



Maid and Butler
[no code]Maid and Butler Package
[&AgGzggEAAA==]/Serve" Emote Tome"
[&AgHNggEAAA==]Maid Outfit
[&AgHjggEAAA==]Butler Outfit
Jade Bot
2741884_0686Playful Ghost Jade Bot Skin
[no code]Umbral Serpent Backpack and Glider Combo
[&AgHGggEAAA==]Umbral Serpent Glider Skin
[&AgHbggEAAA==]Umbral Serpent Backpack Skin
[&AgHMggEAAA==]Auspicious Pixiu Skyscale Skin
2441012_0701Icy Dragon Sword
Jormag Variations
2441698_0557Jormag's Argument
2441698_0471Jormag's Bite
2441699_0114Jormag's Breath
2441698_1003Jormag's Claw
2441697_0660Jormag's Fang
2441699_0049Jormag's Flight
2441697_0938Jormag's Gaze
2441697_0673Jormag's Insight
2441698_0670Jormag's Persuasion
2441697_0911Jormag's Rending
2441698_0676Jormag's Scale
2441697_0978Jormag's Tail
2441698_0853Jormag's Voice
2441698_0937Jormag's Weight
2441698_0904Jormag's Wing
2441698_0025Jormag's Wisdom
Black Lion Chest
2441715_0084Spooky Shadows Chest
2731513_0732Greetings from the Mists! It's time for another WvW World Restructuring beta test. It will run for one week beginning next Friday at reset. To participate, you'll need to set your WvW guild in the WvW panel.
2709262_0530Beta Participant
2741884_0938You have not selected your WvW team. Choose it first, then try joining again.
2741885_0410Unselect this guild as your WvW guild. With no guild selected, you will be placed on a team determined by your recent individual participation and rank in WvW matches.
2741885_0519This will select this guild as your WvW guild. During matchmaking, if this guild is part of an alliance, you will be placed on the same team as the rest of the alliance.
2731513_0195Are you sure you want to unset your WvW guild? This action will also remove you from the currently tied alliance. This will also remove you from your alliance chat and alliance management tools. Your team and world placement will stay the same until the next matchmaking session. The previous alliance will be represented on WvW until the next matchmaking session.
2724286_0853Receive research notes instead by salvaging the crafted item immediately upon creation.
2724286_0955Are you sure? You will not receive the crafted item, only the results of salvaging it with a research kit.
2724286_0976Automatically salvage output with a research kit.