Upcoming features from the January 31 patch
Tuesday 31st of January 2023

WvW weekly achievement update today, next one will be the balance patch in two weeks



To Valhalla!
[&AgEdhAEAAA==]Wolf Raider Skiff Skin
Magic doot
[&AgEehAEAAA==]Star Caller Warhorn Skin
[no code]Canthan Phoenix Wings Backpack and Glider Combo
[&AgEUhAEAAA==]Canthan Phoenix Wings Backpack
[&AgEWhAEAAA==]Canthan Phoenix Wings Glider
[&Cu8rAAA=]Devil-Rending Cape
Reflective Koi Weapons
[&CukrAAA=]Reflective Koi Axe
[&CugrAAA=]Reflective Koi Dagger
[&CuwrAAA=]Reflective Koi Focus
[&CvArAAA=]Reflective Koi Greatsword
[&CuMrAAA=]Reflective Koi Hammer
[&CusrAAA=]Reflective Koi Longbow
[&CuYrAAA=]Reflective Koi Mace
[&CvIrAAA=]Reflective Koi Pistol
[&CvQrAAA=]Reflective Koi Rifle
[&CuUrAAA=]Reflective Koi Scepter
[&CuIrAAA=]Reflective Koi Shield
[&CucrAAA=]Reflective Koi Short Bow
[&CuorAAA=]Reflective Koi Staff
[&Cu0rAAA=]Reflective Koi Sword
[&CvErAAA=]Reflective Koi Torch
[&CvMrAAA=]Reflective Koi Warhorn
Jade Bot
2763236_0628Jade Bot Terminal
2763239_0157Return to the flight area or you will be disconnected from your jade bot.
2763236_0648Out of range!
2977723_0559Weekly World vs. World
[&AgEmhAEA]Transcendent Chest
2977722_0024Double-click to open. Contains Badges of Honor, Resonating Slivers, Skirmish Claim Tickets, and Potions of WvW Rewards.
2977722_0633Achievements related to the WvW game mode.
2441411_0002Increases the objective's maximum supply hold size by 200.
2441340_0533Achievements related to PvP and activities.
2913635_0972PvP League 3v3 Season Eight