Upcoming features from the March 28 patch
Tuesday 28th of March 2023

SAB World 3-0 is here



[&AgHwhAEAAA==]Super Sophisticated Siege Turtle Skin
[&AgEMhQEAAA==]Dynamics Racing Skiff Skin
Undying Shackles
2779256_0262This package contains a glider skin and a matching backpack skin.
[&AgEThQEA]Undying Shackles Cape and Glider Combo
[&CogsAAA=]Undying Shackles Cape
Guild Hall
[&AgH6hAEA]Super Cave Plateau
2983443_0073Super Cave Stalagmite
[&AgEHhQEA]Super Cave Pillar
[&AgEEhQEA]Super Cave Floor
Light Gloves
[&CmcsAAA=]Powered Gloves
[&CnYsAAA=]Powered Left Glove
[&CmssAAA=]Powered Right Glove
Medium Gloves
[&Co4sAAA=]Powered Gloves
[&CowsAAA=]Powered Left Glove
[&Cm4sAAA=]Powered Right Glove
Heavy Gloves
[&Cn0sAAA=]Powered Gloves
[&CnQsAAA=]Powered Left Glove
[&CnMsAAA=]Powered Right Glove
[&AgEKhQEA]Mini Blue Bauble
[&AgENhQEA]Mini Adventure Boxer
2440954_0848Reach out to seize your super adventure! You convinced Moto to let you play in the Test Zone. It's not completely finished, but you're happy to help Moto and see a new area!
[&Co0sAAA=]Retro-Forged Rifle
[&CmosAAA=]Retro-Forged Mace
[&CnAsAAA=]Retro-Forged Dagger
Generation One
[&AgH3hAEA]Generation One Chest
[&CnEsAAA=]Generation One Axe
[&CoQsAAA=]Generation One Dagger
[&CoIsAAA=]Generation One Focus
[&CncsAAA=]Generation One Greatsword
[&CnosAAA=]Generation One Hammer
[&CmYsAAA=]Generation One Longbow
[&CnIsAAA=]Generation One Mace
[&CmQsAAA=]Generation One Pistol
[&CnssAAA=]Generation One Rifle
[&CnwsAAA=]Generation One Scepter
[&CmgsAAA=]Generation One Shield
[&Cm8sAAA=]Generation One Short Bow
[&CnksAAA=]Generation One Staff
[&CmwsAAA=]Generation One Sword
[&CoksAAA=]Generation One Torch
[&CoosAAA=]Generation One Warhorn
Collapsing Star Weapons
[&CoEsAAA=]Collapsing Star Axe
[&Co8sAAA=]Collapsing Star Dagger
[&CoYsAAA=]Collapsing Star Focus
[&Cn8sAAA=]Collapsing Star Greatsword
[&CmksAAA=]Collapsing Star Hammer
[&CmUsAAA=]Collapsing Star Longbow
[&CoAsAAA=]Collapsing Star Mace
[&CossAAA=]Collapsing Star Pistol
[&CossAAA=]Collapsing Star Pistol Skin
[&CoUsAAA=]Collapsing Star Rifle
[&CnUsAAA=]Collapsing Star Scepter
[&CoMsAAA=]Collapsing Star Shield
[&Cn4sAAA=]Collapsing Star Short Bow
[&Cm0sAAA=]Collapsing Star Staff
[&CpAsAAA=]Collapsing Star Sword
[&CngsAAA=]Collapsing Star Torch
[&CocsAAA=]Collapsing Star Warhorn