Upcoming features from the July 18 patch
Tuesday 18th of July 2023

Many new items and secrets



Item Description
Leather Straps
[&AgEfhgEAAA==] Leather Straps Cingulum Skin
[&AgE5hgEAAA==] Leather Straps Chestpiece Skin
Mini Pet
3099111_0858 Mini Pack Bull
[&AgE8hgEAAA==] Kaineng Lights Mount Select License
[&AgE9hgEAAA==] Kaineng Lights Mount Adoption License
[&AgE/hgEAAA==] Comfortable Reading Chair
[&AgFmhgEAAA==] Spellbound Skiff Skin
[&AgFwhgEAAA==] /Readbook
3037760_0014 __ reads a book.
3037760_0113 __ reads a book to __
[&AgFxhgEAAA==] Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop Requisition
No code Gear Up with the Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drop
3107460_0841 Use this to sign your account up for weekly Secrets of the Obscure Launch Supply Drops. Receive the first drop immediately and three more between now and September 4. First Drop: An Amnytas Feathered Raptor Mount Pack, 1 Black Lion Cape Voucher, and 2 Heroic Boosters. Second Drop: A Black Lion Backpack and Glider Combo Voucher, a
3107460_0289 Week One Supply Drop
3107460_0636 Week Two Supply Drop
3099111_0982 Week Three Supply Drop
3107460_0124 Week Four Supply Drop
2472403_1010 Tips on Skiff Use
3099111_0813 Zephyrite Fish Jerky
2479494_0857 Increases skiff speed by 20% for one hour. Persists across map changes.
3010080_0402 Endless Dolphin Tonic
3010080_0568 Endless Koi Tonic
3010080_0742 Endless Cave Crab Tonic
3010080_0815 Endless Thundershrimp Tonic
3010081_0593 Endless Shark Tonic
3010081_0898 Endless Hermit Crab Tonic
3037761_0673 Zephyrite Headband
Sun-Grown Weapons
3077729_0056 Sun-Grown Axe
3077729_0142 Sun-Grown Dagger
3077729_0347 Sun-Grown Focus
3077729_0280 Sun-Grown Greatsword
3077728_0593 Sun-Grown Hammer
3077728_0971 Sun-Grown Longbow
3077729_0044 Sun-Grown Mace
3077729_0020 Sun-Grown Pistol
3037761_0638 Sun-Grown Rifle
3077729_0338 Sun-Grown Scepter
3077729_0081 Sun-Grown Shield
3037761_0937 Sun-Grown Short Bow
3077728_0061 Sun-Grown Staff
3037761_0707 Sun-Grown Sword
3077729_0609 Sun-Grown Torch
3077728_0769 Sun-Grown Warhorn
3037761_0965 Suncatcher's Torch
3077728_0294 Suncatcher's Axe
3077729_0457 Suncatcher's Trident
3099111_0744 Silent Symphony
Guild Hall
3107460_0327 Canthan Garden Wall
3107460_0453 Canthan Stair Bridge
3107460_0744 Griffon Rental Post