Upcoming features from the August 22 patch
Tuesday 22nd of August 2023

It's been a while but the data-mining posts have returned! Today's patch also happens to be the release of Secrets of the Obscure so I'm going to filter out items that could possibly be considered too spoilery. Enjoy and the next patch is expected in 3 weeks.




Item Description
Infused Aurora
[&CvgtAAA=] Infused Aurora Gloves Heavy
[&Cs0tAAA=] Infused Aurora Gloves Medium
[&CtAtAAA=] Infused Aurora Gloves Light
[&CigtAAA=] Infused Aurora Chestguard Heavy
[&CiwtAAA=] Infused Aurora Chestguard Medium
[&CiktAAA=] Infused Aurora Chestguard Light
Back items
[&AgFaiQEAAA==] Sorcerer's Cape Glider
[&Ct0tAAA=] Astral Ward's Cloak
[&ChwuAAA=] Astral Ribbons
Infernal Envoy
[no code] Infernal Envoy Backpack and Glider Combo
[no code] Infernal Envoy Appearance Package
[&AgHyhwEAAA==] Infernal Envoy Staff Skin
[&AgFDiAEAAA==] Infernal Envoy Outfit
[&AgFkiQEAAA==] Infernal Envoy Backpack Skin
[&AgFmiQEAAA==] Infernal Envoy Glider Skin
[&AgHJiQEAAA==] Vermilion Mining Tool
[&AgGViAEAAA==] Vermilion Logging Tool
[&AgFOiAEAAA==] Vermilion Harvesting Tool
[no code] Infinite Vermilion Gathering Tools
[&AgEhhwEAAA==] Black Lion Glyph Selection Container
2779258_0566 /heroic
2789887_0160 /Heroic Emote Tome
2789887_0183 /Possessed Emote Tome
2779258_0604 /possessed
Sanctified Armor (Heavy)
[&CpMtAAA=] Sanctified Shoulders
[&CoYtAAA=] Sanctified Boots
[&CvctAAA=] Sanctified Gloves
Sanctified Armor (Medium)
[&CuUtAAA=] Sanctified Shoulders
[&CgEuAAA=] Sanctified Boots
[&ChQuAAA=] Sanctified Gloves
Sanctified Armor (Light)
[&Cs8tAAA=] Sanctified Shoulders
[&CsEtAAA=] Sanctified Boots
[&CnstAAA=] Sanctified Gloves
Rift Hunter Heavy
[&Cg0uAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Boots
[&CkItAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Coat
[&Cu8tAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Gloves
[&CoUtAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Helm
[&Ch4uAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Leggings
[&CiQuAAA=] Rift Hunter Heavy Shoulders
Rift Hunter Light
[&CtwtAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Boots
[&Cm4tAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Coat
[&CjQtAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Gloves
[&CvMtAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Helm
[&CqQtAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Leggings
[&CqEtAAA=] Rift Hunter Light Shoulders
Rift Hunter Medium
[&ClYtAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Boots
[&CoktAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Coat
[&CpEtAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Gloves
[&CiguAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Helm
[&CgwuAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Leggings
[&CnYtAAA=] Rift Hunter Medium Shoulders
Astral Ward Heavy
[&CqwtAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Boots
[&Ct4tAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Coat
[&CsotAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Gloves
[&CustAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Helm
[&Cq4tAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Leggings
[&CnUtAAA=] Astral Ward Heavy Shoulders
Astral Ward Light
[&CsAtAAA=] Astral Ward Light Boots
[&CtQtAAA=] Astral Ward Light Coat
[&CuctAAA=] Astral Ward Light Gloves
[&CkctAAA=] Astral Ward Light Helm
[&CqctAAA=] Astral Ward Light Leggings
[&CgouAAA=] Astral Ward Light Shoulders
Astral Ward Medium
[&CjwtAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Boots
[&CkktAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Coat
[&Cv8tAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Gloves
[&CqgtAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Helm
[&CkEtAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Leggings
[&CmwtAAA=] Astral Ward Medium Shoulders
Kryptis Weapons
[&CpYtAAA=] Axe
[&CpgtAAA=] Dagger
[&ClQtAAA=] Focus
[&CmAtAAA=] Greatsword
[&CqMtAAA=] Hammer
[&CvItAAA=] Long bow
[&Cq8tAAA=] Mace
[&CjYtAAA=] Pistol
[&Cn0tAAA=] Rifle
[&CiEuAAA=] Scepter
[&ChUuAAA=] Shield
[&CpctAAA=] Short bow
[&Co0tAAA=] Staff
[&CkstAAA=] Sword
[&CiAuAAA=] Torch
[&ClEtAAA=] Warhorn
Shatered Weapons
[&CnwtAAA=] Shattered Axe
[&ChcuAAA=] Shattered Dagger
[&CkUtAAA=] Shattered Focus
[&ChYuAAA=] Shattered Greatsword
[&ClAtAAA=] Shattered Hammer
[&CkYtAAA=] Shattered Longbow
[&CgAuAAA=] Shattered Mace
[&Cp0tAAA=] Shattered Pistol
[&CvktAAA=] Shattered Rifle
[&CqAtAAA=] Shattered Scepter
[&Cg4uAAA=] Shattered Shield
[&CkMtAAA=] Shattered Short Bow
[&ClwtAAA=] Shattered Staff
[&CkgtAAA=] Shattered Sword
[&Cq0tAAA=] Shattered Torch
[&CjgtAAA=] Shattered Warhorn
Storm Eye's Weapons
[&CjUtAAA=] Storm's Eye Axe
[&CtItAAA=] Storm's Eye Dagger
[&CgsuAAA=] Storm's Eye Focus
[&Ck8tAAA=] Storm's Eye Greatsword
[&CuEtAAA=] Storm's Eye Hammer
[&CmQtAAA=] Storm's Eye Longbow
[&CnItAAA=] Storm's Eye Mace
[&CsctAAA=] Storm's Eye Pistol
[&ChsuAAA=] Storm's Eye Rifle
[&ChMuAAA=] Storm's Eye Scepter
[&CrQtAAA=] Storm's Eye Shield
[&CgYuAAA=] Storm's Eye Short Bow
[&CpItAAA=] Storm's Eye Staff
[&CjktAAA=] Storm's Eye Sword
[&Cl0tAAA=] Storm's Eye Torch
[&CpstAAA=] Storm's Eye Warhorn
Stormforged Weapons
[&CtstAAA=] Stormforged Axe
[&CmEtAAA=] Stormforged Dagger
[&CvwtAAA=] Stormforged Focus
[&CrstAAA=] Stormforged Greatsword
[&CsYtAAA=] Stormforged Hammer
[&CtUtAAA=] Stormforged Longbow
[&Cv0tAAA=] Stormforged Mace
[&ClctAAA=] Stormforged Pistol
[&CrEtAAA=] Stormforged Rifle
[&CnctAAA=] Stormforged Scepter
[&CgIuAAA=] Stormforged Shield
[&Cr8tAAA=] Stormforged Short Bow
[&CoAtAAA=] Stormforged Staff
[&CkQtAAA=] Stormforged Sword
[&CsktAAA=] Stormforged Torch
[&CiMuAAA=] Stormforged Warhorn
[&CiYuAAA=] Skyforged Axe
[&CngtAAA=] Skyforged Dagger
[&Cu4tAAA=] Skyforged Focus
[&CnAtAAA=] Skyforged Greatsword
[&CuotAAA=] Skyforged Hammer
[&CvotAAA=] Skyforged Longbow
[&CsMtAAA=] Skyforged Mace
[&CqotAAA=] Skyforged Pistol
[&CgcuAAA=] Skyforged Rifle
[&CkotAAA=] Skyforged Scepter
[&CowtAAA=] Skyforged Shield
[&CsstAAA=] Skyforged Short Bow
[&ClgtAAA=] Skyforged Staff
[&ChIuAAA=] Skyforged Sword
[&Cv4tAAA=] Skyforged Torch
[&CuktAAA=] Skyforged Warhorn
Sanctified Weapons
[&CnQtAAA=] Sanctified Axe
[&Cj8tAAA=] Sanctified Dagger
[&CmstAAA=] Sanctified Focus
[&CkwtAAA=] Sanctified Greatsword
[&CpAtAAA=] Sanctified Hammer
[&CjstAAA=] Sanctified Longbow
[&Cp4tAAA=] Sanctified Mace
[&ChAuAAA=] Sanctified Pistol
[&Cp8tAAA=] Sanctified Rifle
[&CmotAAA=] Sanctified Scepter
[&CikuAAA=] Sanctified Shield
[&CiIuAAA=] Sanctified Short Bow
[&CtgtAAA=] Sanctified Staff
[&CjItAAA=] Sanctified Sword
[&CrktAAA=] Sanctified Torch
[&CmMtAAA=] Sanctified Warhorn
Skyscale Weapons
[&ClMtAAA=] Skyscale Axe
[&CnotAAA=] Skyscale Dagger
[&ClktAAA=] Skyscale Focus
[&Cn8tAAA=] Skyscale Greatsword
[&CmItAAA=] Skyscale Hammer
[&ChkuAAA=] Skyscale Longbow
[&Co8tAAA=] Skyscale Mace
[&CsUtAAA=] Skyscale Pistol
[&CrgtAAA=] Skyscale Rifle
[&CswtAAA=] Skyscale Scepter
[&CtMtAAA=] Skyscale Shield
[&Cj0tAAA=] Skyscale Short Bow
[&CuItAAA=] Skyscale Staff
[&CpktAAA=] Skyscale Sword
3125926_0425 Skyscale Torch
[&CnMtAAA=] Skyscale Warhorn
[&CpotAAA=] Avarice's Command
[&CgkuAAA=] Despair's Lament
[&CmctAAA=] Envy's Bite
[&CrotAAA=] Gluttony's Platter
[&CuYtAAA=] Jotun Skypiercer
[&CicuAAA=] Knowledge of the Elders
[&CtYtAAA=] Koda's Claw
[&CnEtAAA=] Malice's Heartstring
[&CqstAAA=] Rage's Fist
[&CjctAAA=] Regret's Memory
[&CrUtAAA=] Scales of Dragrimmar
[&CtEtAAA=] Spire of the Forgotten
[&CoMtAAA=] Strength of the Unseen
[&CuMtAAA=] The Waylit Lantern
3077729_0585 Relic of Akeem
3010080_0480 Relic of Antitoxin
3077729_0589 Relic of Cerus
3037761_0887 Relic of Dagda
3010081_0331 Relic of Durability
3010080_0784 Relic of Dwayna
3010081_0683 Relic of Evasion
3107461_0952 Relic of Evasion
3010081_0221 Relic of Fireworks
3077729_0385 Relic of Isgarren
3010080_0137 Relic of Leadership
3037761_0914 Relic of Lyhr
3077728_0367 Relic of Mabon
3010080_0393 Relic of Mercy
3077728_0084 Relic of Peitha
3010081_0584 Relic of Resistance
3010081_0097 Relic of Speed
3010081_0318 Relic of the Adventurer
3010080_0997 Relic of the Afflicted
3010080_0931 Relic of the Aristocracy
3077728_0172 Relic of the Astral Ward
3010080_0426 Relic of the Brawler
3010080_0319 Relic of the Cavalier
3010080_0083 Relic of the Centaur
3010081_0772 Relic of the Chronomancer
3010080_0296 Relic of the Citadel
3010080_0515 Relic of the Daredevil
3010081_0428 Relic of the Deadeye
3010081_0233 Relic of the Defender
3010080_0998 Relic of the Dragonhunter
3010081_0186 Relic of the Firebrand
3010081_0723 Relic of the Flock
3077729_0436 Relic of the Fractal
3010081_0198 Relic of the Herald
3010080_0985 Relic of the Ice
3010080_0434 Relic of the Krait
3010080_0257 Relic of the Mirage
2983444_0779 Relic of the Monk
3010081_0380 Relic of the Necromancer
3010081_0323 Relic of the Nightmare
3010080_0158 Relic of the Pack
3010080_0504 Relic of the Reaper
3010081_0406 Relic of the Scourge
3010081_0970 Relic of the Sunless
3033091_0116 Relic of the Thief
3010080_0288 Relic of the Trooper
3037761_0915 Relic of the Unseen Invasion
3010080_0763 Relic of the Warrior
3010080_0335 Relic of the Water
3010080_0635 Relic of the Weaver
3077729_0090 Relic of the Wizard's Tower
3010081_0142 Relic of the Zephyrite
3077728_0748 Relic of Vass
2983443_0931 In the Mystic Forge or the Wizard's Tower, combine 9 Mystic Clovers, a Gift of Condensed Might, a Gift of Research, and a Gift of Craftsmanship to create the Gift of Magical Prosperity.
2983444_0172 Combined by a skilled crafter with a Gift of Mighty Prosperity, Gift of Stormy Skies, and Gift of Expertise within the Wizard's Tower to create legendary armor.
3099111_0940 Permanent Crafting Station Contract
[&CoItAAA=] Your average infusion
[&CtctAAA=] Chicken