Upcoming features from the September 12 patch
Tuesday 12th of September 2023

Small gemstore update, many bug fixes, fractal rush and return of the new crafting interface, next one will be a small balance update in two weeks.



Item Description
2789887_0133 Mini Construct of Galdra
Weekly Gemstore Items
[no code] Weekly Black Lion Supply Package
[&AgGHigEAAA==] Guaranteed Dye Unlock
Dark Tyrant
[no code] Dark Tyrant Appearance Package
[&AgGTigEAAA==] Dark Tyrant Outfit
[&AgF1igEAAA==] Dark Tyrant Axe Skin
[&AgGGigEAAA==] Dark Tyrant Sword Skin
3029234_0810 Balance Fish
3029232_0525 Bastion Fish
3029233_0902 Celestial Fish
3029234_0722 Knowledge Fish
3029232_0749 Natural Fish
3029232_0150 Obscure Fish
3029232_0012 Strength Fish
3077729_0784 Endless Wizard of the Celestial Combat Tonic
3077729_0836 Become a Wizard of the Celestial with this combat tonic.
[&AgGMhgEA] Endless Kryptis Lord Combat Tonic
3099111_0421 Become a Kryptis Lord with this combat tonic.
[&CkAuAAA=] Expedition Cape
[&CjQuAAA=] Reconfigurable Construct Greatsword
Vinelord Skins
[&CiwuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Axe
[&CjkuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Dagger
[&CjguAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Focus
[&CisuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Greatsword
[&CiouAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Hammer
[&CjouAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Longbow
[&Cj8uAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Mace
[&CjcuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Pistol
[&Ci0uAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Rifle
[&CjYuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Scepter
[&Cj0uAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Shield
[&CjEuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Short Bow
[&CjsuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Staff
[&Cj4uAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Sword
[&CjUuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Torch
[&CjwuAAA=] Vinelord Edgebloom Warhorn
Dungeon Rush
3147457_0251 Bonus Event: Dungeon Rush
3147457_0754 Dungeon Rush Champion
3147456_0964 Speak with Lady Camilla at Fort Marriner during the Dungeon Rush event.
Fractal Rush
3147457_0274 Bonus Event: Fractal Rush
3125927_0631 Complete any fractal mission to earn Fractal Rush trophies.
3125927_0906 Continue completing fractals and earning trophies to complete the Fractal Rush Champion achievement.
3147456_0773 Daily Fractal Rush
3147455_0833 Fractal Rush Adept
3147457_0840 Fractal Rush Champion
3147456_0166 Fractal Rush Elite
3147455_1005 Fractal Rush Entrant
3147455_0175 Fractal Rush Veteran
2441687_0529 Fractal Rush Prizes
3147458_0056 Speak with the Fractal Rush coordinator to learn about the event and its rewards.
2441687_0889 Dusty Fractal Rush Trophy[pl:
3147457_0868 Earn Fractal Rush Trophies by completing fractals, and trade them to vendors for prizes and global progress!
3147455_0940 Earn Fractal Rush trophies by looting the final chest in fractals and completing Fractal Rush achievements.
3147457_0272 This item will automatically transfer to the Consortium's vaults, granting you Fractal Rush achievement progress and a small amount of karma.
2441712_0767 Head to Bitterfrost Frontier to complete weekly achievements.
2467977_0592 Head to Bjora Marches to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0486 Head to Bjora Marches to complete weekly achievements.
2441713_0446 Head to Bloodstone Fen to complete weekly achievements.
2467979_0174 Head to Domain of Istan to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0587 Head to Domain of Kourna to complete weekly achievements.
2441711_0904 Head to Draconis Mons to complete weekly achievements.
2467979_0212 Head to Dragonfall to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0347 Head to Drizzlewood Coast to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0970 Head to Drizzlewood Coast to complete weekly achievements.
2441714_0841 Head to Dry Top to complete weekly achievements.
2441715_0093 Head to Dry Top to complete weekly achievements.
2441711_0927 Head to Ember Bay to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0766 Head to Eye of the North to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0289 Head to Grothmar Valley to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0764 Head to Jahai Bluffs to complete weekly achievements.
2441711_0813 Head to Lake Doric to complete weekly achievements.
2441713_0330 Head to Siren's Landing to complete weekly achievements.
2467977_0019 Head to the Eye of the North to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0195 Head to the Sandswept Isles to complete weekly achievements.
2441711_0322 Head to the Silverwastes to complete weekly achievements.
2441712_0603 Head to the Silverwastes to complete weekly achievements.
2467978_0147 Head to Thunderhead Peaks to complete weekly achievements.
Return to Weekly
3147456_0468 Return to A Bug in the System (Weekly)
3147457_0291 Return to A Crack in the Ice (Weekly)
3147455_0406 Return to A Star to Guide Us (Weekly)
3147456_0752 Return to All or Nothing (Weekly)
3147455_0721 Return to Battle for Lion's Arch
3147457_1019 Return to Battle for Lion's Arch (Weekly)
3125927_1011 Return to Bound by Blood (Weekly)
3147456_0400 Return to Champions (Weekly)
3147455_1006 Return to Clockwork Chaos and Tower of Nightmares
3147456_0306 Return to Daybreak (Weekly)
3125927_0826 Return to Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths (Weekly)
3147457_0216 Return to Flame and Frost and Sky Pirates
3147456_0889 Return to Flame and Frost and Sky Pirates (Weekly)
3147457_1015 Return to Flame and Frost and Sky Pirates (Weekly)
3147455_0870 Return to Flashpoint (Weekly)
3147457_0456 Return to Gates of Maguuma and Entanglement (Weekly)
3147456_0351 Return to Jormag Rising (Weekly)
3147456_0020 Return to Long Live the Lich (Weekly)
3147455_0218 Return to No Quarter (Weekly)
3147455_0676 Return to One Path Ends (Weekly)
3125927_0898 Return to Out of the Shadows (Weekly)
3125927_0804 Return to Rising Flames (Weekly)
3147455_0462 Return to Seeds of Truth and Point of No Return (Weekly)
3147456_0764 Return to Shadow in the Ice (Weekly)
3147457_0449 Return to Steel and Fire (Weekly)
3147456_0173 Return to The Dragon's Reach (Weekly)
3147455_0385 Return to The Head of the Snake (Weekly)
3147455_0229 Return to War Eternal (Weekly)
3147456_0573 Return to Whisper in the Dark (Weekly)