Upcoming features from the September 26 patch
Tuesday 26th of September 2023

Small balance patch, bug-fix and gemstore update today, next update will be in 3 weeks.



Item Description
[&AgG1igEAAA==] Side-Lace Pants Skin
[no code] Traveler's Appearance Package
[&AgGkigEAAA==] Traveler's Outfit
[&AgGnigEAAA==] Traveler's Staff Skin
[&AgGpigEAAA==] Gentle Garden Swing Glider
[no code] Gentle Garden Swing Chair Glider Combo
[&AgGyigEAAA==] Gentle Garden Swing Chair
[no code] Astral Manticore Skyscale Mounts Pack
[&AgHKigEAAA==] Astral Ward Manticore Skyscale Skin
[&AgGvigEAAA==] Luminous Manticore Skyscale Skin
[&AgHFigEAAA==] Skywatch Manticore Skyscale Skin
Rush Events
3147458_0439 Bonus Event: Player vs. Player Rush
3147458_0311 Player vs. Player Rush
3147458_0142 Bonus Event: World vs. World Rush
3147458_0141 World vs. World Rush
3147458_0101 WvW Rush Player vs. Player
3147458_0185 Complete achievements in the Player vs. Player Rush category to gain champion points. More challenging achievements grant extra points—check the achievements for details.
3147458_0212 Captured __/__ Sentry
3147458_0345 Captured __/__ Tower
3147458_0371 Completed __/__ Match
3147458_0226 Destroyed __/__ Supply Caravan
3147458_0213 Killed __/__ Enemy Invader
3147458_0127 Killed __/__ Player
3147458_0373 Daily PvP Rush Contender
3147458_0374 WvW Rush Land Claimer
3147458_0424 PvP Rush Contender