Upcoming features from the November 7 patch
Tuesday 7th of November 2023

Through the Veil released today and it looks like the gemstore page no longer receives any dates except for new items. If this is temporary (for example a bug or in preperation for the black friday sales) or permanent only time will tell. Next update in 3 weeks.




Item Description
[&AgFGiwEAAA==] Mad Alchemist Skiff Skin
[&AgEbiwEAAA==] Arcane Delights Mount Adoption License
[&AgF2iwEAAA==] Arcane Delights Mount Select License
Mini Pets
[&AgEXiwEA] Mini Uenno
[&AgEUiwEA] Mini Incarnation of Terror
[&AgE3iwEA] Mini Judgment
[&AgEfiwEA] Mini Corrupted
[&AgF6iwEA] Mini Narcisse
Big Sword
[&AgFSiwEAAA==] Colossal Greatsword Skin
Cursed Gloves
3147457_0045 Cursed Gloves Choice Chest
[&CmYuAAA=] Cursed Medium Gloves
[&Cm8uAAA=] Cursed Heavy Gloves
[&CoUuAAA=] Cursed Light Gloves
[&CmcuAAA=] Wrath of Ignaxious
Sanctified Armor
3037761_0576 Sanctified Helm
3077728_0011 Sanctified Coat
3077728_0436 Sanctified Leggings
[&Cn8uAAA=] Sanctified Cape
Abomination Weapons
2789886_0909 Abomination Axe
2789886_0016 Abomination Dagger
2789886_0818 Abomination Focus
2789886_0265 Abomination Greatsword
2789886_0648 Abomination Hammer
2789886_0526 Abomination Longbow
2789886_0281 Abomination Mace
2779258_0948 Abomination Pistol
2789886_0712 Abomination Rifle
2789887_0799 Abomination Scepter
2789887_0369 Abomination Shield
2789886_0457 Abomination Short Bow
2779258_1006 Abomination Staff
2789887_0589 Abomination Sword
2779258_0701 Abomination Torch
2779258_0623 Abomination Warhorn
Dark Sanctified
[&CoQuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Axe
[&CpsuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Dagger
[&CmEuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Focus
[&CpAuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Greatsword
[&CnsuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Hammer
[&CpcuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Longbow
[&CnguAAA=] Dark Sanctified Mace
[&Co4uAAA=] Dark Sanctified Pistol
[&CoguAAA=] Dark Sanctified Rifle
[&CpYuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Scepter
[&CnUuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Shield
[&Cn4uAAA=] Dark Sanctified Short Bow
[&CoMuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Staff
[&CnEuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Sword
[&CpguAAA=] Dark Sanctified Torch
[&CncuAAA=] Dark Sanctified Warhorn
Saryx Weapons
[&CpYtAAA=] Saryx Axe
[&CpgtAAA=] Saryx Dagger
[&ClQtAAA=] Saryx Focus
[&CmAtAAA=] Saryx Greatsword
[&CqMtAAA=] Saryx Hammer
[&CvItAAA=] Saryx Longbow
[&Cq8tAAA=] Saryx Mace
[&CjYtAAA=] Saryx Pistol
[&Cn0tAAA=] Saryx Rifle
[&CiEuAAA=] Saryx Scepter
[&ChUuAAA=] Saryx Shield
[&CpctAAA=] Saryx Short Bow
[&Co0tAAA=] Saryx Staff
[&CkstAAA=] Saryx Sword
[&CiAuAAA=] Saryx Torch
[&ClEtAAA=] Saryx Warhorn
Consecrated Saryx
[&CmkuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Axe
[&CpMuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Dagger
[&CpQuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Focus
[&CnMuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Greatsword
[&CnIuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Hammer
[&CosuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Longbow
[&CmsuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Mace
[&CmwuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Pistol
[&CmouAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Rifle
[&CnYuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Scepter
[&Co8uAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Shield
[&CpUuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Short Bow
[&CpouAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Staff
[&Cm4uAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Sword
[&CpkuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Torch
[&CokuAAA=] Consecrated Saryx Warhorn
Oneiros Armor
[&CoAuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Cape
Oneiros Armor (heavy)
[&CnAuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Boots
[&CoouAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Coat
[&Cm0uAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Gloves
[&CoEuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Helm
[&CoIuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Leggings
[&CmUuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Heavy Shoulders
Oneiros Armor (light)
[&CnouAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Boots
[&CmMuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Coat
[&CnwuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Gloves
[&CpIuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Helm
[&Co0uAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Leggings
[&CmQuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Light Shoulders
Oneiros Armor (medium)
[&CpEuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Boots
[&CnQuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Coat
[&CmIuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Gloves
[&CnkuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Helm
[&Cn0uAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Leggings
[&CowuAAA=] Oneiros-Spun Medium Shoulders
[&AgFPiwEA] Arcane Flow Infusion
[&AgE4iwEA] Wurm's Enrichment Choice Chest
[&AgGCiwEA] Wurm's Experience Blessing Enrichment
[&AgGYiwEA] Wurm's Gilded Blessing Enrichment
[&AgEGiwEA] Wurm's Karmic Blessing Enrichment
[&AgG2iwEA] Wurm's Magical Blessing Enrichment
[&AgFDiwEA] Wurm's WXP Blessing Enrichment
[&AgFJiwEA] Wurm's WvW Reward Track Blessing Enrichment
[&AgEKiwEA] Hero's Trusty Satchel
[&AgETiwEA] Relic of the Midnight King
[&AgFHiwEA] Relic of Nourys
[&AgEuiwEA] Relic of the Demon Queen
[&AgH8igEA] Relic of Febe
[&AgGUiwEA] Relic of Karakosa
[&AgE9iwEA] Relic of Nayos
Bonus Events
3189576_0151 Bonus Event: New Hero Jump Start
3189576_0512 Complete any Hero's Origin achievement in the New Hero Jump Starter category.
3189577_0223 Speak with the Mist Stranger in your homeland and hear their request.
3172488_0915 Completed __/__ Events in Queensdale
3189576_0545 Completed __/__ Events in Metrica Province
3189576_0642 Completed __/__ Events in Wayfarer Foothills
3189576_0771 Completed __/__ Events in Caledon Forest
3189576_0518 Complete 1 tier of the Dungeon Rush Champion achievement.
3189576_0578 Continue battling and completing event achievements to complete the Player vs. Player Rush Champion achievement.
Wizard's Vault
[&AgEDiwEA] Legendary Weapon Starter Kit _Set 2
3189576_0301 Complete the Annual New Year Customs Achievement
3189577_0327 Complete the (Annual) Wintersday Traditions achievement.
3189576_0341 Complete the Secret Lair of the Snowmen Strike Mission
3189576_0047 Defeat Toxx in Tixx's Infinirarium in Divinity's Reach.
3189576_0249 Open the final chest of the Celestial Challenge in Divinity's Reach.
3189576_0279 Play the correct notes in the Bell Choir Ensemble.
3189577_0416 Complete the Annual Race Event in Divinity's Reach in Under 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds
3189577_0327 Complete the (Annual) Wintersday Traditions achievement.
[&AgEMiwEA] Kryptis Bush
[&AgENiwEA] Kryptis Platform
[&AgEgiwEA] Kryptis Pilar
[&AgFNiwEA] Kryptis Wall
[&AgFWiwEA] Kryptis Square Floor
[&AgF3iwEA] Kryptis Door (Tall and Wide)
[&AgF7iwEA] Kryptis Goo Plane
[&AgGwiwEA] Kryptis Stair
[&AgEWiwEA] Exalted Mining Tool
3189576_0482 Great discounts during the Evon Gnashblade Birthday Sale!
3189577_0393 Black Friday Sale November 21–28