Upcoming features from the December 12 patch
Tuesday 12th of December 2023

Wintersday is here, next update will be early next year



Item Description
[&AgHsiwEA] Mini Plush Cuckoo
[&AgH4iwEAAA==] Plush Skyscale Skin
Big Fan
[no code] Giant Folding Fan Backpack and Glider Combo
[&AgHWiwEAAA==] Giant Folding Fan Glider
[&AgHjiwEAAA==] Giant Folding Fan Backpack
Heretical Scholar's
[no code] Heretical Scholar's Cape and Hood Combo
[&AgHqiwEAAA==] Heretical Scholar's Hood Skin
[&AgH0iwEAAA==] Heretical Scholar's Cape Skin
[no code] Guild Wars 2 Welcome Pack
[no code] Guild Wars 2 Elite Jump-Start Package
Winter Fur Shoulders
[&CrAuAAA=] Winter Fur Shoulders (Medium)
[&CrkuAAA=] Winter Fur Shoulders (Heavy)
[&CrUuAAA=] Winter Fur Shoulders (Light)
2441715_0084 Bird Feeder's Paradise Chest
3147458_0143 Feed the birds!
[&AgH8iwEA] Dove Lover's Bench Chair
Sacred Solstice
[&CrYuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Axe
[&CqkuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Dagger
[&CsEuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Focus
[&CqguAAA=] Sacred Solstice Greatsword
[&CqQuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Hammer
[&CsUuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Longbow
[&CrwuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Mace
[&Cr0uAAA=] Sacred Solstice Pistol
[&CrEuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Rifle
[&CsguAAA=] Sacred Solstice Scepter
[&CqIuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Shield
[&CqEuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Short Bow
[&CscuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Staff
[&CqYuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Sword
[&Cr8uAAA=] Sacred Solstice Torch
[&CrIuAAA=] Sacred Solstice Warhorn
[&CsIuAAA=] Thundercrag Axe
[&CqcuAAA=] Thundercrag Dagger
[&CsYuAAA=] Thundercrag Focus
[&Cp8uAAA=] Thundercrag Greatsword
[&CrMuAAA=] Thundercrag Hammer
[&CsAuAAA=] Thundercrag Longbow
[&CrcuAAA=] Thundercrag Mace
[&CsMuAAA=] Thundercrag Pistol
[&CrsuAAA=] Thundercrag Rifle
[&Cq4uAAA=] Thundercrag Scepter
[&CsQuAAA=] Thundercrag Shield
[&CqouAAA=] Thundercrag Short Bow
[&CrouAAA=] Thundercrag Staff
[&CqwuAAA=] Thundercrag Sword
[&Cq8uAAA=] Thundercrag Torch
[&CqMuAAA=] Thundercrag Warhorn
[&CrguAAA=] Ornamented Shield
[&Cq0uAAA=] Ornamented Focus
[&CqsuAAA=] Ornamented Staff
[&AgHviwEA] Springer Rental Post
[&AgHfiwEA] Scarred Ice Spike
[&AgHmiwEA] Scarred Ice Monolith
[&AgEIjAEA] Scarred Ice Sheet
Expansion sale
3215343_0423 Winter Sale December 21–January 4