Upcoming features from the April 16 patch
Tuesday 16th of April 2024

SAB Has returned and here are the new items and features, next update will be the next SotO release in 4 weeks.



Item Description
[&AgE0jQEAAA==] Spineshell Roller Beetle Skin
[&AgFCjQEAAA==] Delicate Lace Cape Skin
Abyss Hunter
[no code] Abyss Hunter Cape Backpack and Glider Combo
[no code] Abyss Hunter Appearance Package
[&AgFDjQEAAA==] Abyss Hunter Cape
[&AgFFjQEAAA==] Abyss Hunter Cape Glider
[&AgFOjQEAAA==] Abyss Hunter Outfit
[&AgErjQEAAA==] Gilded Stratus Longbow Skin
[&AgFJjQEAAA==] Raven Greaves Skin
[no code] Transmutation Charge 5 Pack
3278665_0645 Celebrate the Cosmetic Inspection feature with 20% off all dye kits and 5 free Transmutation Charges!
3029234_0399 Weekly Ascended Feasts Sales
3256613_0666 /Unleash
3240412_0571 /unleash is already unlocked.
3240412_0474 __ unleashes their full power.
Shoulder skins
[&CkovAAA=] Powered Shoulders (Light)
[&ClQvAAA=] Powered Shoulders (Medium)
[&ClUvAAA=] Powered Shoulders (Heavy)
Mini Pets
[&AgEpjQEA] Mini Super Green Ooze
Retro-Forged Skins
[&CmEvAAA=] Retro-Forged Pistol
[&CksvAAA=] Retro-Forged Scepter
[&CmYvAAA=] Retro-Forged Spear
[&CmQvAAA=] Retro-Forged Sword
Golum-Buster skins
3256614_0712 Golem-Buster Weapons Locker
[&ClsvAAA=] Golem-Buster Axe
[&Cl0vAAA=] Golem-Buster Dagger
[&CmMvAAA=] Golem-Buster Focus
[&Ck4vAAA=] Golem-Buster Greatsword
[&Ck0vAAA=] Golem-Buster Hammer
[&Cl4vAAA=] Golem-Buster Longbow
[&Ck8vAAA=] Golem-Buster Mace
[&ClkvAAA=] Golem-Buster Pistol
[&ClMvAAA=] Golem-Buster Rifle
[&CkwvAAA=] Golem-Buster Scepter
[&ClgvAAA=] Golem-Buster Shield
[&CmAvAAA=] Golem-Buster Short Bow
[&ClwvAAA=] Golem-Buster Staff
[&ClovAAA=] Golem-Buster Sword
[&ClIvAAA=] Golem-Buster Torch
[&ClAvAAA=] Golem-Buster Warhorn
3271039_0900 Super Adventure, SAB, Infinite Coin, Coin, SAB Coin, Infinite Continue Coin, Super Adventure Coin, SAB Cion, Cion, Pack, Adventure Pack, Adventure Coin, Super Coin
Skin obtained from
3271039_0922 Obtained from a Durmand Priory vendor.
3271039_0909 Obtained from a Vigil vendor.
3271039_0868 Obtained from achievement point rewards.
3271039_0924 Obtained from an Order of Whispers vendor.
3271039_0873 Obtained from Cultural Armor vendors.
3271039_0852 Obtained from dungeon vendors.
3271039_0923 Obtained from Hall of Monuments rewards.
3271039_0891 Obtained from legendary weapon crafting (generation 1).
3271039_0860 Obtained from legendary weapon crafting (generation 2).
3271039_0842 Obtained from the Black Lion Trading Company (Gem Store).
3271039_0890 Obtained from the Dragon Bash festival.
3271039_0851 Obtained from the Festival of the Four Winds.
3271039_0867 Obtained from the Halloween festival.
3271039_0854 Obtained from the Lunar New Year festival.
3271039_0846 Obtained from the Super Adventure Festival.
3271039_0874 Obtained from the Wintersday festival.
3256614_0846 Obtained from the Wizard's Vault in exchange for Astral Acclaim.
[&AgEqjQEA] Super Red Crystal
[&AgEnjQEA] Super Owl Statue
[&AgE3jQEA] Super Grand Gate
[&AgFBjQEA] Jackal Rental Post