Upcoming features from the May 21 patch
Tuesday 21st of May 2024

The final Secrets of the Obscure update is here, next patch will be Dragon Bash in two weeks.




Item Description
[&AgH2jQEA] Council of Commentators Chair
[&AgHEjQEA] Enchanted Skimmer
Mini Pets
[&AgFujQEA] Mini Eparch
[&AgHsjQEA] Mini Peitha
[&AgGbjQEA] Mini Zakiros Wyvern
[&AgEDjgEA] Mini Kryptis
[&AgFtjQEA] Mini Astral Ward Livia
[&CoMvAAA=] Midnight King Backpiece
Skysage Armor
3223945_0023 Skysage's Leggings
3223945_0299 Skysage's Coat
3223945_0889 Skysage's Shoulders
[&CrEvAAA=] Skysage's Cape
[&AgE0jgEAAA==] Wolf Griffon Skin
[&AgGhjQEAAA==] Fluffy Clouds Glider
Raven skin
[&AgF/jQEAAA==] Raven Leggings Skin
[&AgGGjQEAAA==] Raven Vest Skin
Wurmslayer Armor
2441002_0131 Wurmslayer's Visage
2441002_0140 Wurmslayer's Visor
2441002_0141 Wurmslayer's Masque
2441002_0143 Wurmslayer's Warfists
2441002_0144 Wurmslayer's Wristguards
2441002_0145 Wurmslayer's Grips
2441002_0147 Wurmslayer's Pauldrons
2441002_0148 Wurmslayer's Epaulets
2441002_0149 Wurmslayer's Shoulderguard
[&CqAvAAA=] Eparch's Sword
[&CpsvAAA=] Eparch's Greatsword
[&CmwvAAA=] The Axe of Destiny
Broken Voice
2441661_0370 Revolver of the Broken Voice
2441661_0543 Herald of the Broken Voice
2441661_0618 Musket of the Broken Voice
2441661_0669 Spire of the Broken Voice
2441661_0691 Wand of the Broken Voice
2441661_0751 Bastion of the Broken Voice
2441662_0052 Short Bow of the Broken Voice
2441662_0141 Claymore of the Broken Voice
2441662_0429 Reaver of the Broken Voice
2441662_0523 Brazier of the Broken Voice
2441662_0545 Greatbow of the Broken Voice
2441662_0648 Blade of the Broken Voice
2441662_0843 Warhammer of the Broken Voice
2441662_0850 Razor of the Broken Voice
2441662_0855 Artifact of the Broken Voice
2441662_0879 Flanged Mace of the Broken Voice
3271037_0050 Map Currency Exchanges
3147458_0596 Heart of Maguuma: Bulk Exchanges
3147458_0691 Crystal Desert: Bulk Exchanges
3189577_0212 Horn of Maguuma: Bulk Exchanges
Slumnbering Heavy Obsidian
[&CnwvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Breastplate
[&CoQvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Cuisses
[&CmsvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Gauntlets
[&CoYvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Greaves
[&CpIvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Helmet
[&Co4vAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Heavy Pauldrons
Slumnbering Light Obsidian
[&CncvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Crown
[&Cq0vAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Gloves
[&CpEvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Mantle
[&CoEvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Pants
[&Cm8vAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Regalia
[&CqUvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Light Shoes
Slumbering Medium Obsidian
[&CqYvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Boots
[&Cm0vAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Gloves
[&CrcvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Jacket
[&CrUvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Leggings
[&CpAvAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Mask
[&Cm4vAAA=] Slumbering Suffused Obsidian Medium Shoulders
Suffused Heavy Obsidian
[&CpYvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Breastplate
[&CrQvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Cuisses
[&CrYvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Gauntlets
[&Cp4vAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Greaves
[&CqgvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Helmet
[&CnsvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Heavy Pauldrons
Suffused Light Obsidian
[&CosvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Crown
[&CnEvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Gloves
[&CmgvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Mantle
[&CoIvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Pants
[&CowvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Regalia
[&CqkvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Light Shoes
Suffused Medium Obsidian
[&CpovAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Boots
[&CnovAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Gloves
[&CogvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Jacket
[&CqQvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Leggings
[&CocvAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Mask
[&CqovAAA=] Suffused Obsidian Medium Shoulders
[&AgFCjgEA] Endless Mystery Kryptis Tonic
3271036_0120 Endless Tormented Combat Tonic
3271038_0273 Endless Mystery Kryptis Tonic
3271039_0332 Endless Avatar of Malice Combat Tonic
3278665_0300 Endless Midnight King Combat Tonic
[&AgHnjQEA] Relic of the Sorcerer
[&AgGpjQEA] Relic of Mosyn
[&AgFpjQEA] Relic of the Founding
[&AgHbjQEA] Relic of the Twin Generals
[&AgGKjQEA] Relic of the Wayfinder
[&AgFqjQEA] Relic of Zakiros
Lunar Astrolabe Weapons
[&CngvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Axe Skin
[&CpkvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Dagger Skin
[&Co8vAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Focus Skin
[&CnAvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Greatsword Skin
[&CpgvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Hammer Skin
[&Cp0vAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Longbow Skin
[&CqMvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Mace Skin
[&CmcvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Pistol Skin
[&CpQvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Rifle Skin
[&CnkvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Scepter Skin
[&Cq4vAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Shield Skin
[&CoUvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Short Bow Skin
[&CqwvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Staff Skin
[&CrMvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Sword Skin
[&Cn8vAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Torch Skin
[&CmkvAAA=] Lunar Astrolabe Warhorn Skin
Shadow Chevalier
[&CnYvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Axe
[&Cn0vAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Dagger
[&CrIvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Focus
[&CoAvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Greatsword
[&CpMvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Hammer
[&CmovAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Longbow
[&CokvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Mace
[&CqsvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Pistol
[&CrAvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Rifle
[&CpcvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Scepter
[&CpwvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Shield
[&CnUvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Short Bow
[&CnMvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Staff
[&CnIvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Sword
[&Cq8vAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Torch
[&CqcvAAA=] Shadow Chevalier Warhorn
[&AgEGjgEA] World Veteran Title Box
3278667_0515 Abaddon's Mouth Veteran
3278667_0772 Anvil Rock Veteran
3278667_1007 Arborstone Veteran
3307448_0394 Augury Rock Veteran
3307450_0076 Aurora Glade Veteran
3307447_0647 Baruch Bay Veteran
3307447_0530 Blackgate Veteran
3307450_0069 Blacktide Veteran
3307448_0475 Borlis Pass Veteran
3307448_0865 Crystal Desert Veteran
3307447_0205 Darkhaven Veteran
3278667_0776 Desolation Veteran
3278667_0980 Devona's Rest Veteran
3307449_0156 Dragonbrand Veteran
3307447_0049 Drakkar Lake Veteran
3307448_0810 Dzagonur Veteran
3307448_0717 Ehmry Bay Veteran
3307447_0416 Elona Reach Veteran
3278667_0998 Eredon Terrace Veteran
3307448_0451 Far Shiverpeaks Veteran
3307447_0381 Ferguson's Crossing Veteran
3307447_0642 Fissure of Woe Veteran
3278667_0492 Fort Aspenwood Veteran
3278667_0613 Fort Ranik Veteran
3278667_0858 Gandara Veteran
3307447_0159 Gate of Madness Veteran
3307448_0136 Gunnar's Hold Veteran
3278667_0705 Isle of Janthir Veteran
3307447_0079 Jade Quarry Veteran
3307448_0627 Jade Sea Veteran
3278667_0867 Kaineng Veteran
3278667_0626 Kodash Veteran
3307447_0892 Maguuma Veteran
3307447_0277 Miller's Sound Veteran
3278667_1003 Northern Shiverpeaks Veteran
3278667_0873 Piken Square Veteran
3278667_0533 Ring of Fire Veteran
3307449_0305 Riverside Veteran
3307447_0478 Ruins of Surmia Veteran
3307447_0383 Sanctum of Rall Veteran
3278667_0733 Sea of Sorrows Veteran
3307447_0508 Seafarer's Rest Veteran
3307448_0999 Sorrow's Furnace Veteran
3307448_0052 Stormbluff Isle Veteran
3307447_0574 Tarnished Coast Veteran
3307447_0487 Underworld Veteran
3307447_0438 Vabbi Veteran
3307449_0152 Vizunah Square Veteran
3307447_0702 Whiteside Ridge Veteran
3307448_0600 World Veteran Title Box
3307447_0680 Yak's Bend Veteran
[&AgEyjgEA] Legendary Weapon Starter Kit_Set 4
2763236_0550 __% OFF!
3278666_0053 Out of Bounds