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Hotfixed edition
Tyria3d isn't made or maintained by me
This fork only applies some hotfixes to keep things up and running

This is a Guild Wars 2 fansite.
Tyria 3D lets you explore textured Guild Wars 2 map files in 3D, directly in your web browser. The purpose of this project is to allow a unique look into the amazing world of Guild Wars 2, Tyria. This site atempts to visualize some of the in-game graphics but is missing the animation, lighting and visual effects that makes Guild Wars 2 the most beautiful MMO out there.

This is a developement version !
The official Tyria3D was available at: tyria3d.com.

What's new ?

This is a fork of the official Tyria3D, it is now two different things. If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me !

Thanks !